Tip of the Week

Consider using a hand knitting pattern for your next machine knitting project. All it takes is little planning, familiarity with the capabilities of your machine and a bit of creativity.

This tutorial 'translates' some of the more common hand knitting instructions to familiar terms for machine knitters.


  • m1
  • k2tog
  • k3tog
  • yo
  • skp,psso
  • provisional cast on
  • Center double decrease
  • left/right leaning decreases
  • pm
  • and more
  • view tip of the week

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I am a production knitter and have been working with Sue for about a year now. Every transaction has been smooth and prompt, and Sue's advice on the treatment of certain yarns has been invaluable. I hope to continue working with Sue, Knit It Now and Knit It Now for many years. - Lindsey Rohm
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