Tip of the Week

The shaped gusset heel is what makes Lucy Desgrey's Swan Socks the best-fitting machine knit socks!

This tutorial covers casting on and shaping the gusset.

Also included are new photos of finished socks to get your creative juices flowing!

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What Others Are Saying..
I have spent the last couple of hours reviewing this website as I haven't done in some time and I must say that I am so very impressed. You've grown!!All that is offered here I just stand amazed... No wonder that I have kept my subscription current all this time without one iota of regret...its sorta like a a beloved magazine sub that you would rather do without something else rather than not have "Knit it now" available. Just want to say thank you Sue and there are lots of silent thank yous breathed that you never hear. Keep it up Girl, we all, new, old or somewhere in between need this knitting classroom. Ginny(smile) - Ginny