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Tip of the Week

There are times when you will be picking up stitches in the knitting below the current row. It's helpful to create a marking row for accuracy. You'd use a marking row when forming a pintuck, creating a hem or picking up stitches. Here are 3 methods for creating marker rows.

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Hi! I just subscribed to Knit it Now and am really excited to get started. I bought an Ultimate Sweater Machine several years ago and was intrigued with the idea of machine knitting, but found the USM to be a bit frustrating. I recently upgraded to the LK 150 and find it to be a much easier machine to use.... now I realized that I still have a lot of questions in using the machine to it fullest enjoyment. I discovered Knit it Now and am really looking forward to learning more and having a lot of fun with my knitting machine. It is a little early to truly rate Knit it Now, but from what I have seen so far I would give it a 4 with the anticipation of a 5 very soon:) Thank you! - Pam
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