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Community Knitting

Mile-a-Minute Hats Challenge

Mile-a-Minute Hats

Solution Avaliable

Quickly knit a number of hats with the Mile-a-Minute technique and donate them to a charity in your community.

For a new knitter, this is a great way to graduate from knitting swatches and blankets.

For an experienced knitter, this is a great way to use up your stash and help someone in need.

DesignaKnit 7

DesignaKnit Basics 7 Challenge

DesignaKnit Basics 7

Solution Avaliable

Create a simple cardigan in less than 5 minutes! The sweater will have no ribbing at the hems and will overlap for buttons and buttonholes by 1 inch in the front. The goal is to get knitting quickly with a minimum of fuss at the computer.

DesignaKnit 7 Stitch Designer

Birds-eye (Seed Stitch) Baby Blanket Challenge

Birds-eye (Seed Stitch) Baby Blanket

Supporting Files: 2
Solution Avaliable

Using the DesignaKnit Stitch designer, create a rectangular baby blanket with a birds-eye (Seed Stitch) border and a design in the middle.

This stitch pattern could be knitted in jacquard or with the garter-carriage.

Even if you'll never knit a baby blanket, there lots of techniques presented, giving you practice using Stitch Designer.

Tools/Techniques used:
  • Woolbox
  • Birds-eye tool
  • Paint bucket
  • Eyedropper
  • Zoom
  • Selection Box

  • Tagged Selection Box
  • Precision placement
  • Tile Import
  • replacing colors

Place a Single Motif on a Garment Challenge

Place a Single Motif on a Garment

Supporting Files: 2
Solution Avaliable

Using the DesignaKnit Stitch Designer, choose an image of a flower, place it on the front of an existing shape file. Manipulate DAK to position the single motif exactly where you want it on the garment.

This technique can be used for Intarsia, garter carriage, embroidery or any technique using a pre-designed single motif on a knitted piece.

Tools/Techniques used:
  • Stitch Patterns
  • Garment Shape
  • Import Single Motif
  • Left and Right Mouse Button

  • View - Info
  • Move Piece Button
  • Cutout Button
  • Method of Knitting
  • DesignaKnit 7 Graphic Studio

    Convert a Punchcard Image to DAK Stitch Pattern Challenge

    Convert a Punchcard Image to DAK Stitch Pattern

    Supporting Files: 1
    Solution Avaliable

    Take a punchcard design, scan it and import into the Graphic Design Studio. Using the tools of the Graphic Design Studio, edit the scan and create a DesignaKnit stitch pattern, ready to download to your knitting machine.

    Tools/Techniques used:
    Graphic Design Studio
    Stitch Design Section

    Grid Settings
    Knitting Method
    Stitch Pattern Repeats

    DesignaKnit 7 Standard Garment Styling

    DesignaKnit - Design Your First Sweater Challenge

    DesignaKnit - Design Your First Sweater

    Solution Avaliable

    Using the Standard Garment Styling section of DesignaKnit, create a basic drop shoulder, round neck pullover. Save the file (for a future challenge) and print it out (preview) with the various printing options.

    Tools/Techniques used:
    Garment types
    Tensions and notes
    Ease types
    Garment sizes and body measurements
    printing formats


    Knitting Socks on the Flatbed Machine Challenge

    Knitting Socks on the Flatbed Machine

    Solution Avaliable

    Knitting socks on the machine doesn't have to be intimidating.

    Try these basic short row socks to get started. Get your creative juices flowing with all the design possibilities. Increase your knitting confidence on a small project that includes lots of techniques.

    Watch a step by step presentation of how we knit our socks.

    Pencil and Paper Charting

    Change a Round Neck Pattern to a V-Neck Challenge

    Change a Round Neck Pattern to a V-Neck

    Supporting Files: 1
    Solution Avaliable

    Using the method of your choice, create neckline instructions for a V-neck sweater from from the dimensions and gauge given. This challenge provides the answers using both the Magic Formula and graph paper.

    Knit It Now

    Charting - Enlarge the Upper Arm of a Sleeve

    Supporting Files: 1

    You have a pattern that you'd love to knit, but the upper arm measurement of the set-in sleeve is too small. You can't just enlarge the sleeve because it still needs to fit into the armhole of the sweater.

    This issue often comes up with men's and plus size sweaters.

    The Knit it Now 4 part video series covers each step in detail.

    • Using a dressmakers slash and spread method
    • Try a pencil and graph paper method
    • If you are inclined, use a math method that involves square roots and the magic formula
    All this and more are included in the videos. 8 printable pages are offered in this challenge. Using different numbers than the video, your challenge is to work through the calculations after studying the video. (The answers are provided).