by Tami Nobuyuki
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This self-study book will help you make the transition from Japanese machines (Studio, Silver Reed, Brother, Knit King, etc) to the world of Passap.

From the author:

"The lessons are designed and arranged to lead you one step at a time to a better understanding of the Passap machine.  Since it is written mainly for those who are experienced knitters stepping up to the Passap, my primary attention is given to the areas in which the Passap machine works differently from the Japanese-made machines or where different techniques are required on the Passap.

By following the step-by-step instructions and making all the samples in order as given, you will learn to operate this machine before you realize it. And before long, you will be knitting on the Passap E-6000 with ease and confidence"
  • Abbreviations
  • Let's get acquainted with our Passap E-6000
  • Casting On
  • The Locks and the Pushers
  • Binding Off and removing on Waste Yarn
  • Decreasing and Increasing
  • Short Rows and Partial Knitting
  • Garment Shaping

Click to download a sample exercise from this excellent workbook

Guidebook for Easy Transition to the Passap E-6000 (eBook) by Tami Nobuyuki