Crossover V-Neckband - knit-along

Crossover V-Neckband

This month's Subscriber Knit-along features a classic band for a V-Neck pullover.

This is an alternative to a
mitered band
This style is easier for machine knitters.

Join us to learn and practice skills that you will use again and again:

  • How to shape a V-Neckline including a variety of decorative decreases
  • How to neatly join shoulder seams
  • How to calculate a neckband
  • How to plan a neckband for beautiful seams
  • How to pick up and attach a separate neckband
  • How to neatly finish the Crossover V
No ribber? No problem!
The material presented will be helpful in creating v-neck bands with any method.
  • Hand manipulate the ribbing
  • Check out our rolled edge stockinette band
The Knit-along will run for the month of September.
After the live Knit-along ends, the material will remain in your Knit it Now Library, there is no time limit to finish.

Class Schedule

9/1/21: Release of the Knit-Along materials including a Knit it Now practice pattern, videos and checklist

9/8/21: LIVE Q&A with Sue

9/22/21: LIVE Zoom for questions and to share successes

Subscribers: Be sure to be logged into your Knit it Now account for access to the Knit-along materials. When you first log into the Knit-along you will be placed on a list to receive email updates during the month.

Not a subscriber?
  • Purchase the Practice necklines pattern HERE
  • After September 30, the material will be available as a self-paced course for $24.99, but will remain free for subscribers.
  • Knit-along ends Thursday, September 30 2021