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The Bible for Passap knitters.  Maintain your precious machine like a pro! Detailed instructions, clear photos and diagrams make this book a "must have" for any Passap owner.

From the author:

"The purpose of this book is to teach Passap knitting machine owners how to maintain and repair their DuoMatic equipment. The information presented can be generally applied to the DuoMatic 5, DuoMatic 80 and E6000."


  • Cleaning instructions
  • General maintenance tips
  • Preventative maintenance
  • 17 point diagnostic table

If you own a Passap you need the Passap Paramedic book. Detailed maintenance and repair instructions and accompanying photos take you step-by step through many of the common repairs to Passap knitting machines. The Paramedic will teach you to repair and adjust locks, repair and adjust most of the accessories and to re-align the beds. The Passap Paramedic will instruct you on how to recondition your strippers. The Passap Paramedic contains complete step-by-step instructions on deep cleaning your machine, minor repairs, and adjustments. Your machine will be just like it was when was brand new.

Spiral Bound, printed, 69 pages

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Be Your Own Passap Paramedic by Distinctive Knit