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Do you love to knit color work on the machine?  Tired of the same old patterns?

Knit-1 looks at Jacquard (Fairisle) in new and creative ways to add impact to your next project! 

Jacquard is one of the most exciting kinds of machine knitting and easy to use to create strong patterns.

For most American knitters, the term jacquard calls to mind double bed work with color changers, multiple masts and complicated knitting. This book focuses on 2 color work done on a single bed machine with a punchcard. All the techniques apply to electronic machines as well.


  • How to knit jacquard, graphic 2 color jacquards.
  • Manipulate design with card lock lever, colour changing.
  • Mirroring, single motif, intarsia method, breaking stripes with pattern
  • Tuck stitch, slip stitch, mosaics, engineering the pattern
  • Manipulation of fabric, single colour textural jacquards
  • 50 pages
  • 14 fully explained machine knitting techniques
  • 26 design/swatch examples

NOTE: This is a technique book, not a pattern book. It is designed to inspire your knitting.

NOTE: The machine instructions are demonstrated on a Brother knitting machine. With basic knowledge of how to work fairisle, the design inspiration is applicable to any brand of knitting machine.

Learn Impactive Jacquard (Fairisle) by Knit-1