by Distinctive Knits
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Self-folding Bands can be constructed in a number of ways. They can be made of ribbing, stockinette stitch, tuck stitch, racking patterns, fair isle and other stitch varieties.

Self-folding bands all have unique capabilities. The folded edge is softer in appearance and more flattering to the face. Ribbing that is too soft or does not have sufficient elasticity on its own can usually be improved by making it fold over.

It is also an excellent way to cover cut and sew edges completely hiding the sewing. Cut and sew is very popular because it eliminates the need to shape inside curves such as necklines. It can be used to start the bottom of sweater bodies and cuffs. You can use it to apply to cardigan bands, pocket bands, sock cuffs, mitten and glove cuffs and more. You can even use it to correct sleeves and sweater bodies that come out too long.

Passap knitters ... stretch your skills with Michael's excellent, detailed book!

23 pages, filled with clear photos and diagrams.

  • Basic self-folding bands for Cut and Sew applications
  • Collar Styles
  • Attaching a neckline to a sweater body
  • Bind off a Collar without purl bumps appearing
  • Finishing a fold-over band
  • Non-Folded Cut and Sew bands
  • Bands at the start of the knitting
  • Flat method of sewing elastic together
  • Special Effects
  • Passap Knitting Hint (Color changer)

Passap Cut and Sew Collars and Bands by Distinctive Knit