by Eileen Montgomery
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Put your ribber to use!
Long-time instructor, Eileen Montgomery shares patterns and notes from the series of hand-on ribber workshops she has taught over the years.

Includes 24 hat and scarf patterns, 5 cast on techniques, 5 bind off methods and lots of tips!

You may not want to knit hats and scarves ... these are just suggestions for putting these fabulous ribber techniques to work!

  • Rib Cast-ons
  • Bind-Offs
  • Hat in 3x3 Rib
  • Hat in 4x5 Rib
  • Single and Double Tuck 1x1 Rib Hats
  • Funnel in Tuck 1x1 Rib
  • Patterned Tuck Rib Hat
  • Cables & Ribs Hat
  • Crossover 1x1 Ribbed Scarf
  • Tuck 1x1 Ribbed Scarf
  • Drop Lace Hat and Scarf in 1x1 Rib
  • Racked Hat in 2x1 Rib
  • Tucked Hat in 2x1 Rib
  • Pick Rib Hat
  • Tucked Hat in 2x2 Rib
  • Wristlets in 2x2 Rib
  • Scarf and Hat in Circular Rib
  • Slip 2x2 Rib Hat
  • Hat with Picked up Floats
  • Hat with Cabled Ribs
  • Full Needle Rib Hat
  • Plated Rib Hat
  • Drop Stitch Rib Hat
  • Drop Lace Rib Infinity Scarf
  • Tucked Headband
  • Ribbed Entrelac
  • Eileen Montgomery's Ribber Workshop by Eileen Montgomery