• Use the Course Materials for structured practice.
  • 3 LIVE (and recorded) Events
  • The Workshop spans 2 weekends to give you time to practice
  • Bonus Workshop content
  • Private Community Forum
  • See the course outline below for details

What's the difference between a Course and a Workshop?

  • Self-guided
  • Videos amd tutorials
  • Exercises
  • Pattern included
  • Use the course for structured practice
  • Access to LIVE (and recorded) events
  • LIVE event chat

Whether you chose the self-guided course, or join us for the workshop, keep the course material forever!

Course Outline

  • Start Here
  • New to Knit it Now Courses?
  • Setting up your ribber
  • Full Pitch Vs Half Pitch
  • Transfer without a double eye needle
  • Combine Hand Knitting
  • Seaming Tips
  • Ribber Cast on Comb
  • Ribber Weights on the Floor?
  • 1x1 Cast on Refresher
  • No brain cells needed
  • Try the Easy Cast On yourself
  • 2x2 Ribbing Cast on
  • 2x2 Step by Step
  • Step-by-Step Cheatsheet
  • Troubleshoot
  • 2x2 (2x1) Half Pitch Cast on
  • Try the 2x2 (2x1) Cast On
  • Finishing Tips
  • Easy Bind off
  • Stretchy Sewn Bind Off
  • Figure 8 Bind Off
  • Figure 8 Step-By-Step
  • Tubular Bind Off
  • Swatching in Ribbing
  • Measuring Ribbing Gauge?
  • 2 Color Corrugated Ribbing
  • Try it Yourself
  • Knit a Messy Bun Hat
  • 2x2 "Lace"
  • Partial Bed Ribbing
  • Challenges


We currently do not have any upcoming events scheduled for this workshop.