Using Ladders in Machine Knitting

What is a ladder in machine knitting? A ladder is a column of enlarged sinker loops formed by the yarn that floats across the space between two working needles when there are one or more non-working needles between them. A Needle out of work will create a bar that is the width of one stitch; done over several rows these bars look like the rungs of a ladder. A very simple

Machine Knit-Able: Flouncy Fringe Tank

This fresh and funky pattern features intarsia throughout the body and a hem decorated with fringe. Knit flat, this is a perfect Machine-Knitable.The intarsia can be knit on any machine. Match gauge and follow the designer's detailed chartsUse graph paper and chart your ownUse DesignaKnit The suggested yarns are gorgeous, but if you want to substitute yarns, use the Knit it Now Perfect

Neckline Shaping Perfection

Does the thought of shaping necklines make you cringe? Neckline finishes can make or break the appearance of a sweater. Neckline and Shoulder Shaping Practice Improve your skills, gain confidence, and get focused on necklines! [maxbutton id="1" text="Learn More"] [maxbutton id="1"]

Machine Knit-Able: Toasty Brioche Hat

Machine Knit-Able: Toasty Brioche Hat This beautiful Brioche Hat from Knit-Picks has gorgeous texture.The original hat is hand knit in a Brioche technique. If you've ever hand-knit Brioche, you know it takes a lot of concentration (and time)!Machine knitters can substitute Fisherman Rib on the machine and knit it in a fraction of the time! The Knit it Now Machine Knit-Ables are designed

Upside Down Knitting for Machine knitters

Hand knitters seem to obsessed with the concept of knitting sweaters top down. :-)They pick up a long circular needle and cast on for the neckline, then front, back and sleeves in the round, all at one time.I'm not sure of the appeal, but maybe an "allergy" seaming is involved. :-) As machine knitters, we have needlebed limitations. Even if we use a ribber to knit in the round, we only have