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2 Years | 5 sts / 7 rows = 1" 20/28 = 4"/10cm

LEFT Triangle
Instruction Notes
  • RC000
  • Carriage is on the RIGHT
  • Garment Tension
  • Contrasting scrap yarn threaded
Front V neck sections are knitted first, then attached to the neckband
Increases are worked on both sides, read the instructions completely before starting
2 Setup:
  • With scrap yarn, e-wrap cast on

    2 stitches on needles #1 and #2 on the RIGHT side of 0
  • Knit 7 rows of scrap
  • Knit 1 row of Ravel cord
  • End with the carriage on the RIGHT
to make this cast on easier,
Use a small cast-on rag
  • RC000 Raglan shaping:
  • Carriage on the RIGHT
  • Garment tension | Thread Main Color
  • Knit 1 row LEFT
  • Carriage on the LEFT, pull the next needle into work (this is the needle next to the carriage | needle number 1 left of 0)
  • Knit 2 rows
  • Pull needle #2 left to working position.
  • Knit 2 rows
  • Continue to pull up an out-of-work needle on the left side (carriage side), every other row until you have completed all your armhole side increases
This section forms the left side raglan armhole shaping. The neckline shaping starts AT THE SAME TIME.

Read ahead
  • RC013
  • Begin V neck edge shaping
  • Increase 1 stitch every 13 rows 2 times (1-13-2)
    1 stitch every 12 rows 1 times (1-12-1)


Continue raglan increasing on the LEFT to RC042
The V-neck increases can be worked with a 2 prong tool increase. Transfer 2 stitches as instructed and fill the emptied needle with a purl bump from the row below.
For best results, use the bump from the 3rd stitch below, not the stitch that was moved
  • RC042
  • 26 needles in work
Double Check your stitch count you MUST have 26 stitches in work.

5 stitches right of 0 and 21 stitches right of 0
  • Knit 1 row LEFT
  • Pull out 3 needles next to the carriage
  • E-Wrap cast on over these needles
  • Knit a row to the RIGHT
29 stitches
44 rows

Mark this piece "LEFT". Raglan shaping loops are on the left side, the neckline increases are on the right and the underarm cast on stitches are on the left.
RIGHT Triangle

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