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Silverlake Shirt - Inspiration

Silverlake Shirt

Through the Eyes of a Machine Knitter

This over-sized, super-comfy (and super-easy!) shirt is knit in reverse stockinette stitch, which makes it great for knitting on a machine. For detail, the seams are on the outside.

The Silverlake Shirt can be casual or dressy, depending upon your choice of yarn.

Take this basic inspiration and make it your own!
  • "That neck opening is too low" With the Knit it Now patterns, make the "V" any depth you like!
  • Don't forget gravity! Because this sweater is knit loosely and with a soft yarn, remember "drop" Gauge and Drop
  • Add texture with Reverse Stockinette
  • Not enough needles? Knit this sideways
  • Add stripes! Yipes stripes!