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Birch Cardigan - Dynamic Pattern
Long Sleeves Scoop Neck Straight Body Sleeveless
Finished Sizing
inches | metric
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Ease: Loose (4 to 5 inches ease)

Sideways knit cardigan with round neckline. Designed as a sleeveless top, with optional sleeves knit from the top down.

Pattern Elements (7 pieces)
  1. Front Sleeveless
  2. Back Sleeveless
  3. Sleeves with Ribbed Cuff
  4. Front Hems
  5. Back Hems
  6. Button Bands
  7. Finishing Instructions
Included with this pattern are technique tutorials.
  • Seaming Bands
Seaming Bands Tutroial for Machine Knitting
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Included with this pattern are technique tutorials. Seaming Bands
Machine knitters do not have the luxury of knitting neck bands or armhole bands in the round. A seam in the band is necessary. With a little thought (and a few extra stitches), you can improve your band finishes! By using the following techniques, you can avoid the Dreaded Dimple!

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