Let's get down to the basics. No matter what grand plans you have for your knitting, getting started and ending are key. But what methods are best?

Don't get in a rut! Learn (and practice) a number of cast on, bind off and hem techniques. Determine which you prefer and which ones are suitable for different applications.
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Knit-Along Outline

  • Introduction to the Challenge
  • Closed vs Open Cast On
  • Fast Closed Cast ons
  • Fast Cast On Exercises
  • Functional Closed Cast Ons
  • Functional Closed Cast On Exercises
  • More Practice
  • Scrap 'n Ravel
  • Cast on Rag
  • Basic Bind Offs
  • Stretchy Bind Off
  • Break out of the Ribbing Rut
  • Hem Exercises
  • Designer Hem
  • Try the Designer Hem
  • Add your own touch
  • Fancy Exercises
  • BONUS - my FAV!
  • Afterthought Edges
  • Practical practice
  • Squirrel Pattern
  • Your Pattern
  • Share
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