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It's happened to us all ... the work drops off the machine (always at the worst moment). We drop stitches or knit in a knot.
Don't feel alone! Take a deep breath, take a walk and come back to the machine with fresh eyes and "just do it" to get back on track.
  • Tips for preventing problems
  • Techniques for fixing boo-boos
  • When to start over
If you thought you were the only one who makes mistakes ... think again!

Links to Tutorials in the Learning Library about preventing and fixing mistakes.


Lifelines: Scrap off Method
Lifelines: Ravel Cord Method
Blog Post - Lifelines


Fixing Mistakes - Ripping Tips
Keep on Track when Ripping
Rip and Rehang
TroubleShooting Tips - Ribbing
Fixing Mistakes - Speed Ripping
Oops - When Bad Things Happen to Good Knitters

Dropped Stitches

No Dropped Stitches
Repairing Dropped Stitches
Fixing Dropped Stitches
Rescue Row

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Category: Basics
Format: Video
Author: Knit It Now
Skill Level: Beginner
Knitting Method: All Knitting