You bought your machine with ideas for knitting beautiful things. You've gotten comfortable with the basics of casting on, knitting, shaping and you've had some successes.

But you KNOW there is so much more you can do with your machine!

  • Are you frustrated?
  • Overwhelmed with the levers and not-so-clear instructions?
  • Ready to do more?
Master your machine

Following the step-by-step instruction, you will push the boundaries and discover the possibilities of your machine

Imagine finding a stitch pattern that you love, being able to identify it and know how to set your machine to knit it.

With exercises, demonstrations and step-by-step examples, you will not only try new techniques, you will understand the workings of your machine to EXPAND YOUR KNITTING HORIZONS.

Once you've learned (and understood) the relationship between the levers of your machine with the needle positions, you will be limited only by your imagination!

Slip, Tuck, Intarsia, Fairisle, Plating - these techniques will become second nature to you.

Don’t just sit and watch videos ... get knitting!

Review the complete Course outline

You've have an investment not only in your machine, but the time spent learning it. This $49 course will go a long way to MASTERING the tool you purchased.

The course includes:

20+ Videos
32+ Exercises
Tips and Tricks
Downloadable Cheat Sheet
"Check Your Understanding" Quizzes
Study at your own pace - No time limits

This is for you if ....

You've have had success with the basics of casting on, knitting in stockinette and binding off.

You’ve played with stitch patterning. (You are a few steps ahead of the game).

You have mastered plain ‘ol stockinette, dive in and add some texture and color to your knitting.

You are ready to MASTER YOUR MACHINE

The goal is for you to put your manual away and UNDERSTAND the functions of your machine.

The possibilities are ENDLESS!

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I'm Sue, the voice and the hands behind the Knit it Now Videos. Knitting since 1999, I've been where you are right now.

After a successful career in the software industry, we created Knit it Now and combined my technical writing and training skills with my passion for knitting machines.

Knit it Now courses make learning easy and fun for you

Did you notice the handwritten “H” on my carriage in the photos? When I first started using my LK-150 I could never remember which lever was which. Out came the sharpie :-) This course is the equivalent of taking a sharpie to your machine. With the demos, exercises, and practice, you will KNOW what the levers do and UNDERSTAND the needle positions to create fabulous texture and color in your knitting

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