English Rib Ear Warmer

Use English Rib for a quick project. The fabric is soft and stretchy and the project has practically no finishing!

Make these useful ear warmers for fast gifts or craft fair sales.

Leave them plain or dress them up with flowers or buttons ... get creative! Use your ribber and practice this easy tuck rib technique.

Tutorials - Skills you Should Know

Experiment with English Rib

Pencil and Paper Charting - Introduction

Swatching on the Double Bed

Ribber Weights on the Floor?

Short Row Flowers


Beautiful Knit Flower Inspiration Ebook

Learn Knit Flowers

Knit flowers on the knitting machine! Learn to knit creative floral applique. This inspirational book includes directions, many, many samples and sketchbook ideas.
  • Teardrop petal shape
  • Circular floral
  • Long and short petal
  • Leaf and stalk shapes
  • Applique techniques
  • Simple embroidery detail
  • Floral Hem technique
  • Crazy floral patchwork
  • 3d floral
  • Rouleaux flower
Peek into the creative world of Knit-1! Learn to add these beautiful embellishments to your knitting!
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