• Mid-Gauge
Machine Type
  • other
18.50 STS
25.00 ROW
Yarn Used
Unknown chenille-type yarn
My blanket is the large preemie size. This was done on my LK140. The yarn was a pain to work with. It shed a lot. I could not use it to seam the pieces together because it sort of self-destructed after only a few hand stitches (mattress stitch), so I found some matching sewing thread and zigzagged the pieces together on my sewing machine. I crocheted a simple edging mostly so I could use up the rest of the cone while taming most of the curl. I've included a photo of the yarn and what was left of the cone. In spite of the difficulties with the yarn, I'm pleased with how it turned out. It's very soft and snugly. The pieces all came out the right size and joined together without having to stretch or fudge. Now I just need to clean the machine really well to remove all the bits of leftover fuzz from the yarn. Fun project and I learned a lot.
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