• Mid-Gauge
Machine Type
  • Silver/Singer/Studio
19.50 STS
25.50 ROW
LK150 T5, Cascade Pacific Worsted yarn (40% Merino, 60% Acrylic). This blanket is not beautiful, but was a great learning experience and a chance to use up some of my regret-purchases of variegated yarn when I was a beginning knitter. This pattern was fun and I would certainly do it again with better yarn choices and a pattern stitch. Edge is a 4s 1x1 long stitch rib, latched up to tame curl and give a nice edge. Join-as-you-go seams eliminated all sewing. Although the pattern called for 2 thirds of the decrease rows at 1s per row, and 1 third at 2s per row, I wanted the angle to be I decreased 1s on 3 of 4 rows which worked out beautifully and very nearly matched the pattern stitch and row counts. Dimensions of 60"x40".
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