• Standard Gauge
Machine Type
  • Brother/Knit King
Yarn Used
cotton 3 ply
tension 4 was used for the main garment.I knitted the front and back neckline identical to achieve scoop neckline front and back as there was no adjustment to neck depth on the pattern for the back.This was Sue J 's suggestion!This is the first time I have used a lace carriage with the electronic patterns built into the machine.To achieve the lace neckline I put the whole front on ravel cord with waist yarn where I wanted the lace to begin, rehung on the machine to create a lace yoke.I gradually decreased the tension every few rows so by the time i reached the hem it was on tension 2. i then completed the neckline with a hem making sure to increase the tension back to 4 on the halfway row so it would fold neatly.The same operation was done for the back. I am very pleased with the outcome.
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Scoop Neck Straight Body Set In Sleeve Shaped Shoulder