Quick projects to make the most of your knitting time. Patterns and tutorials.
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Infinity Scarf Made Easy

Infinity Scarf Made Easy - Quick win
One simple trick to tame the curl
Perfect Fit™ pattern included

Babies, Babies, Babies

Babies, Babies, Babies - Quick win

Knitting for babies is a fast and fun way to polish your knitting skills. Imagining a little cherub in your creation makes it even sweeter!
From simple all-in-one designs to traditional construction, use our baby inspiration as a canvas for your creativity.

Color Block Cable Pillow

Color Block Cable Pillow - Quick win
Combine Intarsia and Cables

Ramona Phoenix Cowl Kit

Ramona Phoenix Cowl Kit - Quick win

Knit this beautiful, colorful cowl on your machine

100% Reversible Scarf (ribber)

100% Reversible Scarf (ribber) - Quick win
Put your ribber to use with this full-needle rib scarf.
Curious about full needle rib or haven't used it for a while? Here's a quick project that is good for practice, and you'll have a warm, beautiful scarf to wear!

Magic Racked Scarf

Magic Racked Scarf - Quick win
Looking for a completely reversible scarf? Use the Racking Magic stitch pattern on your ribber for a lightweight, open work scarf that is sure to please!

Basic Poncho

Basic Poncho - Quick win

Can you knit two rectangles?

Hand Knitting Patterns on the Machine

Hand Knitting Patterns on the Machine - Quick win
Using hand knitting patterns for machine knitting is not only DO-ABLE, it's the best way to take advantage of all the talented knitwear designers who are publishing beautiful up-to-date designs.
Is it possible to knit everything on the machine? ... no .... BUT witih a little thought, planning and the skills you can learn, the opportunities are nearly endless!

Quickie Baby Blanket

Quickie Baby Blanket - Quick win
Quick Baby Blanket

Ohmmm Yoga Socks

Ohmmm Yoga Socks - Knit In Now Project
Could you use a fast project to get your creative juices flowing? how about a little practice with your ribber. Yoga socks can be just the ticket.

Make it Your Way Diagonal Pillow

Make it Your Way Diagonal Pillow - Knit In Now Project
Make it your own! Use stripes or striped stitch patterns diagonally for an unusual graphic pillow.
Let Knit it Now do the math!

Dress Topper

Dress Topper - Knit In Now Project
Super-easy knitting, super-fabulous accessory! Use any yarn and any stitch pattern and make it your own!

Color Block Poncho

Color Block Poncho - Knit In Now Project
Geometric color play and unusual construction makes this poncho a winner! Knit in panels and use the sew-as-you-go joining method, and you'll be done in no time!

Sew 'n Cut Striped Pillow

Sew 'n Cut Striped Pillow - Knit In Now Project
A pillow project that is fast, fast, fast! Use the cut 'n sew technique to create a heart shape. Put your serger or sewing machine to work and have a gift or a craft fair item in no time!

Mile-a-Minute Hats

Mile-a-Minute Hats - Knit In Now Project
No-shaping, rolled brim hats that can be quickly knit 'assembly line style' on any machine.

Elsa 18 Yoga Pants

Elsa 18 Yoga Pants - Knit In Now Project
Yoga pants for 18" doll. Practice techniques to improve your machine knitting confidence. Includes tutorials for Marking Rows, Picot Hems plus Seaming Tips.

Tucked Blocks

Tucked Blocks - Knit In Now Project
Blocks of alternating tuck and plain knitting, along with color changes give this pillow texture and graphic interest. Add striped pom-poms just for fun!

Boot Toppers (aka leg warmers)

Boot Toppers (aka leg warmers) - Knit In Now Project
Stash buster project to create a bit of knitting to peek out over the top of your boots. Fashionable fun for all ages!

Color Block Pillow

Color Block Pillow - Knit In Now Project
Beginner or expert, you can knit this pillow cover in pieces and seam or knit it all-in-one using Intarsia.

Can You Knit Rectangles?

Can You Knit Rectangles? - Knit In Now Project
3 rectangles + no shaping + a soft, drapy yarn or an openwork stitch pattern
= a fabulous, comfy vest!

Set-in Sleeve Practice

Set-in Sleeve Practice - Knit In Now Project
Practice knitting perfect set in sleeves

Roll 'n Rib Slouchy Hat

Roll 'n Rib Slouchy Hat - Knit In Now Project
Take a simple hat pattern, mix 'n match stitch patterns and you have a fun, fashionable slouchy hat.

Kaleidoscope Shawl

Kaleidoscope Shawl - Knit In Now Project
Working the angles, this shawl features triangular ends and diagonal eyelet details. Easy enough for a beginner

Skull and Crossbones Pillow

Skull and Crossbones Pillow - Knit In Now Project
Practice or learn intarsia techniques without an intarsia carriage.

V-Neck Perfection

V-Neck Perfection - Knit In Now Project
Do you avoid knitting v-neck pullovers? Practice makes perfect!

Shar Pei Wrinkled Pillow

Shar Pei Wrinkled Pillow - Knit In Now Project
Knit this fabulous pillow cover in a weekend. Like the puppy with the same name, the pintuck wrinkles add texture, interest and comfort.

Modern Striped Pillow

Modern Striped Pillow - Knit In Now Project
A quick-to-knit project created from 2 rectangles. 3 seams and you are done!

Short Row Flowers

Short Row Flowers - Knit In Now Project
Knitted flowers can add just the right touch to your garments. These flowers are fast, easy and look great!

Shortrow Pinwheel Pillow

Shortrow Pinwheel Pillow - Knit In Now Project
Quickly knit a 3 dimensional, pillow cover in one piece!

Any Yarn - Any Machine - Any Gauge!

Checkerboard Pillow

Checkerboard Pillow - Knit In Now Project
Square pillow in your choice of sizes, rounded corners, I-cord inserted seams and no-float checkerboard stitch pattern.

Butterfly 1 piece Bolster Pillow

Butterfly 1 piece Bolster Pillow - Knit In Now Project
Bolster pillow in a wide range of sizes. Spice up your room with a few colorful pillows in a decorator shape. The pillow is knit in one piece (with short rows), making it a fast project.

English Rib Ear Warmer

English Rib Ear Warmer - Knit In Now Project
Use English Rib for a quick project. The fabric is soft and stretchy and the project has practically no finishing!

Heavenly Hearts

Heavenly Hearts - Knit In Now Project
Knit a heart shaped pillow without cheating! Practice multiple shaping methods and create a canvas for your creativity!

Man's Knitted Tie

Man's Knitted Tie - Knit In Now Project
Classic knitted tie in a fraction of the time of hand knitting! Use and improve your ribber skills with a quick project that will be appreciated by the man in your life!

Beginner Ear Warmer

Beginner Ear Warmer - Knit In Now Project
Single bed or double bed, this ear warmer project is a quick way to practice your shaping skills.

Pintuck Square Pillow

Pintuck Square Pillow - Knit In Now Project
Polish your knitting techniques with this fast weekend project. Included are tutorials for the techniques used PLUS the dynamic pattern, so you can knit, not do math!

Stranded Pillow

Stranded Pillow - Knit In Now Project
Knit a 2 color fairisle pillow in a FRACTION of the time it would take to knit by hand.

Eyeglass Case

Eyeglass Case - Knit In Now Project
Get creative! Use up your Stash! Make something useful! Here's a quick project that you can use to try new techniques and end up with a FO (finished object).