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We are creating practical tips and tricks to help you be a better machine knitter.
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Upcoming Events

Jun 26

Skinny Yarn - Creative Possibilities for Machine Knitters

If you've been knitting for a while, you may have acquired some "skinny" yarn. Too fine to knit alone, what can you do with it? Let's explore some techniques that put "skinny" yarn to use!
Jun 26

How much Yarn do I Need?

How to know how much yarn to purchase for a project? When knitting with cones, the decision is usually do I need 1 or 2 cones? Since we've been using more and more hand knitting yarn, a more accurate estimate is needed. Let's talk about yarn estimates ... from guessing to knowing for sure!

Previous Events

Jun 12

LIVE Greetings from Oakland, CA

We're taking some time out of the office ... let's talk machine knitting ... from Oakland!
Jun 05

Add a Hood to ANY Knitting Pattern

Adding a hood to any sweater pattern can be easy. There are a few things to consider when designing a hood ... especially for machine knitters. This overview will give you confidence to create your own custom hoodie sweater!
May 29

Free Pass - Master the Knitting Carriage

You just ripped out a row of knitting, or put some knitting back on the bed from waste yarn or the garter bar. Perhaps you did a bit of shaping and now your carriage is on the opposite side of the working yarn.
Positioning the carriage is an essential skill for machine knitters.

Here are 3 things you can do....
May 22

Lacy Waves - Take Charge of your Machine

This is a hand-manipulated, lacy, openwork technique that can be done on any knitting machine, with any yarn. No punchcards or programming. It's reversible, making it a great choice for scarves or shawls. Watch as we work the partial knitting that makes this so beautiful!
This hand manipulated stitch pattern is a great way to gain confidence with your machine.
May 08

Nothing Fits! (Sneak Peek)

New Course! Learn to get great fit with any knitting pattern. Make it fit YOU!
  • Knit it Now Dynamic Patterns
  • Traditional Knitting Patterns
  • Charting Devices
  • DesignaKnit
May 01

Not Enough Needles?

The width of knitting produced by our machines is limited to the number of needles available on the machine. Lets talk about a few ways to work around the needlebed size limitation.
Apr 17

Hung Hems are Ugly! NOT!

"I hate hung hems"!

Let's look at 3 ways to make hung hems not only acceptable, but exceptional!
Apr 10

Weekend Projects for Machine Knitters

Machine knitters can get things done ... fast! Why not dedicate some time to create something fabulous and hone your skills at the same time? Check out our newest "Weekend Project" with lots of options for making it your own!
Apr 03

Knitting Disasters - Prevent and Cure

It's happened to us all ... the work drops off the machine (always at the worst moment). We drop stitches or knit in a knot.
Don't feel alone! Take a deep breath, take a walk and come back to the machine with fresh eyes and "just do it" to get back on track.
  • Tips for preventing problems
  • Techniques for fixing boo-boos
  • When to start over
Feb 28

Yarn Heaven - A visit to Stitches West

A quick visit to Stitches West knitting conference.
Jan 02

Set in Sleeve Perfection (and practice) for Machine Knitters

Live event: Machine knit perfect set in sleeves with a 5 Day Challenge. Have you struggled with set in sleeves? Do you avoid knitting sweaters with set in sleeves? Join the Challenge that includes: - 5 Days of practice exercises - Dynamic Pattern for any machine - Private Forum for questions and success stories - Daily Live Videos for personalized help
Nov 21

Designer Knitted Tree Skirt Course

You are the designer! Use the Knit it Now "Blueprint" and course. You'll have all the instruction and tools to create an heirloom tree skirt for your family.

In this live event:
  • Compare the 2 pattern styles
  • Discuss options for finishing
  • Discuss design opportunities on the machine
  • Share inspiration and ideas for making this your own