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  • Ravel Cord Tips
    Ravel Cord Tips Tutorial for Machine Knitting
    Cut your ravel cord? Heaven forbid! Let's talk about alternative ravel cord materials and uses for a machine knitters best friend ... ravel cord.
  • Searching Knit it Now
    Searching Knit it Now Tutorial for Machine Knitting
    Have you ever had trouble finding a tutorial in the Knit it Now Learning Library? We recently improved our search PLUS you can personalize YOUR library for easy
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  • Where's my Pattern?
    Where's my Pattern? Tutorial for Machine Knitting
    Waiting for the delivery of a pattern in your email? With our Dynamic Patterns, you build a custom pattern based on YOUR gauge. The patterns live in your
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Start to Finish: ColorBlock Poncho

  • Alter the Color Block Poncho
    Alter the Color Block Poncho Tutorial for Machine Knitting
    Ready for a challenge? The Color Block Poncho is easy knitting ... the challenge is in the construction - especially if you want to alter the length or the
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  • Color Block Poncho Construction
    Color Block Poncho Construction Tutorial for Machine Knitting
    Knit 5 striped pieces, join them as you knit, 2 seams and you'll have this unusual graphic design poncho.

Basics: Basic Techniques

  • Ready, Set, KNIT!
    Ready, Set, KNIT! Tutorial for Machine Knitting
    We machine knit because we want to get done fast! With a little preparation, you can finish even faster! Gather all your tools and supplies BEFORE you get
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Basics: Cast On

  • Scrap on Scrap Off
    Scrap on Scrap Off Tutorial for Machine Knitting
    Machine knitters often use scrap yarn (waste yarn) to start and end our knitting. Here are some tips and suggestions for including these techniques in your bag
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DesignaKnit 8: Original Pattern Drafting

  • DesignaKnit: Manipulate Pieces
    DesignaKnit: Manipulate Pieces Tutorial for Machine Knitting
    Customize pattern pieces in Original Pattern Drafting. Watch as we create a design that will incorporate multiple stitch patterns. Also good for colorblock
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