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Knitwear Design: Personal Touches

  • Yipes! Stripes!
    Yipes! Stripes! Tutorial for Machine Knitting
    Add some interest to a plain knitting pattern with stripes. All of these examples are quick and easy with no programming necessary. Includes eyelets, simple
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  • Sideways Knits Inspiration
    Sideways Knits Inspiration Tutorial for Machine Knitting
    Knitting sweaters from side to side is a refreshing change from traditional hem to neck knitting. The Knit it Now Basics "Sideways Collection" patterns
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  • Not Enough Needles? - Tips for Plus Knitters
    Not Enough Needles? - Tips for Plus Knitters Tutorial for Machine Knitting
    Not enough needles to knit the size you need? Every knitter needs to understand the possibilities of their machine and different yarns. Learn to calculate
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  • Not Enough Needles? Part 2
    Not Enough Needles? Part 2 Tutorial for Machine Knitting
    Don't be limited by the size of your needlebed! If you need more needles than you have available, you can still knit your garment. With a little
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  • Adding Bust Darts
    Adding Bust Darts Tutorial for Machine Knitting
    Do you want your sweaters to fit better? Add bust darts! Simply adding a few rows of knitting to the center front of your sweaters will add comfort and
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  • Waterfall Vest Adjust Length
    Waterfall Vest Adjust Length Tutorial for Machine Knitting
    The Simply Rectangles Waterfall Vest construction is unusual. Modifying the length of this garment can be tricky. Follow the logic and use the included
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