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Subscriber Series: Pintucks
7 Tutorials

Pintucks Knit In Now Series
Pintucks can add texture to your knitting. Here are a number of ways to incorporate them. Look for both single bed and double bed versions

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    Double Bed Pintucks
    Double Bed Pintucks Tutroial for Machine Knitting
    A nice edge on cuffs or the bottom of a jacket. Knitting full needle rib pintucks is a snap! One carriage setting and you can add texture and interest to your garments.
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    Playing with Pintucks
    Playing with Pintucks Tutroial for Machine Knitting
    Pintucks are a simple way to add dimension you your knitting. Multi-color pintucks, graduated pintucks, garter pintucks, eyelet pintucks. The possibilities are endless!
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    Afterthought Scallop
    Afterthought Scallop Tutroial for Machine Knitting
    Added to the side of a knitted piece, this edge provides a firm base for a soft scallop. Perfect for the front opening of a cardigan. Eliminate the scallops for an "all
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    Graduated Pin Tucks
    Graduated Pin Tucks Tutroial for Machine Knitting
    Pintucks in varying sizes - add dimension and depth.
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    Lace and Pintuck Insertion
    Lace and Pintuck Insertion Tutroial for Machine Knitting
    Texture and classic lace pattern to be used as an insert. Place at the edge of a garment for an outstanding detail
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    Pintuck and Eyelet Edge/Hem
    Pintuck and Eyelet Edge/Hem Tutroial for Machine Knitting
    Pintuck and Eyelet Edge/Hem
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    Yipes! Stripes!
    Yipes! Stripes! Tutroial for Machine Knitting
    Add some interest to a plain knitting pattern with stripes. All of these examples are quick and easy with no programming necessary. Includes eyelets, simple textures, pintucks,
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