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What Others Are Saying..

  • The new perfect pattern options are amazing. So glad that I signed up for knit it now
    - Micki

  • I am constantly amazed at how fantastic this site really is. The videos are great and so much better than trying to get through dry, sometimes poorly translated instruction manuals. Instead of taking notes which I can't decipher 2 days later, I do a screen shot of the ones Sue makes during the video and print it out. Thanks to Sue and Matt. A wonderful site.
    - Moe

  • As a recent member and an experienced machine knitter I am very impressed with the amount of information available in a simple format that anyone can work through. I can't say enough good things and have told my club members to take a peek at the site and subscribe as it is one of the best resources we have out there at the present time.
    - Marg

  • I love your site. I learn the best when I can read and see a new skill, and your unique wonderful web site does just that.. . . I love the fact that there are unlimited pattern builds and I love the schematics. I think this site is just what I needed.
    - Terri

  • I am so impressed by the effort you put into this website There is always something new I love the Tuesday broadcasts and the knit-alongs. But the thing I am most excited about is the quick response to any questions I have . Keep up the great work
    - Michelle

  • If you purchase yarn from Knit It Now you get high quality yarn at an affordable price. Prompt shipping and excellent contact. A buyer couldn't ask for more. I truly enjoy receiving samples of new yarns that come in.
    - Linda Williams

  • Love the 2hour baby cardi course! Thanks so much for all you do for MKers everywhere!
    - Nancy

  • Love you guys! Thanks for all you do! :)
    - Donna-Jean Hoover

  • So excited!! We are just learning about our new Silver Reed machines, and have already started Boot camp, feeling great about it all, not terrified!!!!
    - Anne

  • Thank you very much for all these wonderful resources you keep sending us. They are just wonderful. If I have forgotten how to do "something" I know that you will have the info I want to do it properly. Best wishes for the future. Merry Christmas as well as I might be too busy doing all these new things I have learnt!!
    - Morag Walker

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