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  • I love your site. I spend a lot of time refining my machine techniques with all the videos and patterns!
    - Tim

  • I really like this site. I have been a subscriber since it began and i plan to keep on subscribing.
    - Sharon

  • If you purchase yarn from Knit It Now you get high quality yarn at an affordable price. Prompt shipping and excellent contact. A buyer couldn't ask for more. I truly enjoy receiving samples of new yarns that come in.
    - Linda Williams

  • Wow this is by far the best money I have ever spent awesome tips and how tos-please keep up the great job you're doing!!!!
    - Heather

  • I love this website! whenever I'm stuck trying to figure out how to do something on the km all I have to do is search this site and I will find the solution. Sometimes I don't even have to look, I will receive a tip in my email. I really love getting those.
    - Moe

  • Service is great. If you have any questions, Sue is sure to have a quick, courteous answer. A pleasure to do business with.
    - Barbara Perniconi

  • Knit It Now provides friendly and efficient order processing! keep up the good work, Sue!
    - Pam huang

  • I have spent the last couple of hours reviewing this website as I haven't done in some time and I must say that I am so very impressed. You've grown!!All that is offered here I just stand amazed... No wonder that I have kept my subscription current all this time without one iota of regret...its sorta like a a beloved magazine sub that you would rather do without something else rather than not have "Knit it now" available. Just want to say thank you Sue and there are lots of silent thank yous breathed that you never hear. Keep it up Girl, we all, new, old or somewhere in between need this knitting classroom. Ginny(smile)
    - Ginny

  • i think you are doing very well with tips for machine knitters
    - Josie

  • I enjoy knit it now and will continue to use it
    - helene tallo

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