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What Others Are Saying..

  • Superb quality, better service. Prompt, courteous, the best supplier ever, grateful thanks to Sue Jalowiec.
    - Norma Mierzwa

  • I’m a new subscriber and still finding my way around the site but I’m loving it more with each new discovery! I started machine knitting more than thirty years ago when my children were young, (I’d been hand knitting since learning as a child). As they grew I used the machine less and less and finally put it away. As life changed and the children flew the nest, we downsized, retired and out came my trusty machine again. I more or less had to start from the beginning learning to use it. Then I found your site and there’s no stopping me now, I’ve even treated myself to the LK150 mid gauge machine to give my original standard gauge a rest now and again! Once again THANKS for a BRILLIANT site.
    - Jennifer

  • Looking forward to you Machine Knitting Courses project. Great opportunity to practice what we watch and learn!
    - Colleen

  • Amazing! You guys just keep getting better and better. The Vintage Yarn Index is so what I've wished for. Thank you! Thank you!

  • Knit It Now has been very helpful in locating books and lovely yarns. Their on-line shopping experience is a pleasure.
    - SB

  • Service is first Rate, the yarn is excelent quality, shipped fast. It is a pleasure to deal with this company. Prices are the best on the Web by far for Cone yarns. I would highly recommend them to any machine Knitter looking for supplies.
    - Knitting Nut

  • I was just about to sell the machine I inherited because I hadn't had time to use it for so long. Everything I had learned from wonderful women with loads of experience was lost to me for lack of practice so I gave up. Now I have renewed interest. I may still find it difficult to set up and start again but between this site and the machine knitters guild I am revisiting the hasty decision to sell my machine.
    - Janet

  • [after retiring] the very first thing I got back to was my beloved machine knitting, which I hadn't worked on for 8 years. I'm sew happy now! Your website is beyond fantastic, and I can't get over how truly professional it is! ... Now, if I can just live long enough to use up all my yarn!
    - SANDEE

  • I’m so glad that I found your site and became a member. It’s worth its’ weight in gold! Everything in one place. No more searching the internet for hours on end. My subscription is nearly up but I will definitely be renewing it again. Keep up the great work.
    - Helena

  • My two experiences with ordering yarns from Knit It Now have both been very good. I received the yarns ordered in the promised times. My only suggestion for improvement would be to have a better cost estimate. Sue gives a per pound price, and a statment that most cones are a pound and a half, but when ordering the yarns, the price shown is for only one pound. Sue does send an email with the final cost, but that seems to be an extra step that might be unnecessary if the system could list the specific poundage for each different cone. That way the buyer would know exactly which cones to order for the amount of yarn they need.
    - RatePoint Reviewer

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