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What Others Are Saying..

  • Having no experience at all with knitting machines in the past, I have learned a lot since becoming a member.
    - Ellis

  • For me it is very helpful. You are doing great! I wish I could have more patterns for the American girl doll! Thank you.
    - Murielle

  • Hello Sue, I absolutely loved the cut and sew neckline video using stabilizer. (https://www.knititnow.com/v/857) I need to use the serger for sewing together my knits as I want to finish my knits in a more timely fashion. What a great product of stabilizer that washes away. Please continue to share more cut and sew videos. The Knit It Now website just keeps getting better and better and I have learned so much. Thank you. Rosemarie
    - Rosemarie

  • Your last video and ripping out in tuck sang to me. Thank you for being so real in your comments and instructions. You probably save many the headaches that come from the craft we so love. I truly appreciate the learning I can do through your instructions.
    - Carol

  • I love this site so much! Every time I run into a brick wall I come over here and get information on how to build a door. I will become a knitter if I live long enough. Thanks to Sue and Matt and anyone else connected to this site.
    - Moe

  • Thanks for the idea of a crocheted cast on rag. The knitted ones always curl and ruffle for me. Double crochet seems best; my claw weights get a grip without a struggle.
    - Meg

  • I was a Knit-it-now user several years ago and then went on my knitting way when my membership expired. I re-joined this past month and it's inspired me! Sharpened my skills and planted lots of new ideas of how to do things a little differently. You don't have to be a beginner to enjoy the benefits of this site. (I sound like an advertisement) .. but its wonderful to be back!
    - Karen

  • I have found that the yarns a great and the delivery is prompt. I enjoy using the dynamic patterns and the Tuesday Live Events with Sue are like having a machine knitting club meeting every week.
    - Nancy

  • You're just about the only game in town now...but you don't act like it. I'm just a beginner but you give me a lot of things to think about. Thanks
    - don't know what a display name is

  • SPLENDIDLY! And thank you for being there for us.
    - Priscilla

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