Please join us on this fun knitting journey as we use technology and our passion to make machine knitting easy, fun, and rewarding for everyone.

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1 A Dynamic Duo: Meet Matt and Sue

Knit it Now is the creation of Matthew Friedman, a programmer, and Sue Jalowiec, a passionate machine knitter.
Matt, despite not being a knitter himself, recognized the potential of combining technology with knitting. Sue, on the other hand, brings her extensive experience as a long-time machine knitter to the table.

2From Yarn Sales to Knitting Innovation

In 2008, Sue started her journey by taking over Bonnie Triola yarns. This experience gave her valuable insights into the knitting community and its needs.

What is Knit it Now?
3The Code Behind the Stitches

In 2009, Matt joined forces with Sue to develop online customizable patterns specifically designed for machine knitters. His programming skills allowed them to create a platform that simplifies the knitting process, eliminating the need for knitters to delve into complex software or mathematics. It also allows them to easily create their own CUSTOM PATTERNS

4Beyond Patterns: Knitting Made Easy

Recognizing that knitters desired more than just patterns, the idea of Knit it Now was born.
Sue's vision, "I don't want to play with software or do math, I just want to Knit it NOW!" encapsulates the mission to provide knitters with a user-friendly platform that enables them to knit effortlessly.

5Embracing Technological Advancements

At Knit it Now, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest technology trends. We leverage state-of-the-art tools and techniques to present knitting instructions and patterns in the most accessible and innovative way possible.

6Dedication to Machine Knitters Everywhere

Our commitment to the machine knitting community goes beyond mere words. We are dedicated to helping every machine knitter become better at their craft. Knit it Now is built upon the foundation of support, guidance, and empowerment for knitters at all skill levels.

7Your Voice Matters

At Knit it Now, we value and actively seek feedback from our community. We believe that your comments, suggestions, and ideas are essential for us to continuously improve and better serve the machine knitting community. Your input shapes our direction and ensures that we provide the resources and tools that meet your needs.