All About Short Rows

All About Short Rows - Classroom

Short Row Shaping (AKA Partial Knitting) is an essential skill for all machine knitters.
Instead of knitting just squares and rectangles, short row shaping is used to shape your knitting.

Hats for Everyone

Hats for Everyone - Classroom

One of the more rewarding projects for machine knitters is hats.
Keep your loved ones warm and polish your knitting skills without a huge time investment.

Basic Socks on your Machine

Basic Socks on your Machine - Classroom

Knitting socks on a flatbed machine shouldn't be intimidating. Master short row shaping and you can knit lots of variations.
Toe up, cuff down, yoga socks, socks for kids and adults ... the sky's the limit!


Knitweave - Classroom

Weaving on the knitting machine is an often overlooked technique that has lots of possibilities. The idea is to carry strands of yarn across the purl side of the knitting, creating decorative floats.

Babies, Babies, Babies

Babies, Babies, Babies - Classroom

Knitting for babies is a fast and fun way to polish your knitting skills.
Imagining a little cherub in your creation makes it even sweeter!
From simple all-in-one designs to traditional construction, use our baby inspiration as a canvas for your creativity.

Knitting in Circles

Knitting in Circles - Classroom

As machine knitters, we spend a lot of time knitting rectangles and squares. Knitting circles opens up a world of design possibilities.
Let's explore some circular inspiration!

Fixing Mistakes - (We all make em!)

Fixing Mistakes - (We all make em!) - Classroom

You are not alone. EVERY machine knitter makes mistakes. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Dry your tears, and explore some tips for fixing things, picking up stitches and preventing boo-boos!

Yarn for Knitting Machines

Yarn for Knitting Machines - Classroom

Cones, balls, hanks, skeins ... you don't need special yarn to use on your knitting machine.
BUT you must understand what yarns work with YOUR machine.


Scarves - Classroom

Warm scarves are always a welcome addition to anyone's wardrobe.

As machine knitters, it's easy for us to quickly finish beautiful scarves. At the same time we build confidence and knowledge of our machines.