Yipes Stripes!
Garter Ridges
Stripe Inspiration
5 ways to JAZZ UP your knitting

About Stripes

Stripes are an easy way to add interest to your knitting (and a good way to use up small amounts of yarn from your stash)

Yipes! Stripes!

Perfect Jog-less Stripes

Single Row Stripes with Free Pass

Garter Eyelets

Add Textured Stripes

Add garter stitch texture for striped effects.
Visit the Garter Stitch Classroom for more garter stitch inspiration.

Using the Garter Bar

Garter Stitch - RTR

Learn Modern Stripes

Think outside the box when it comes to stripes!
Knit-1 helps you find inspiration PLUS gives you the skills to create your own modern stripes! Bet you've never thought about curving a stripe!
  • Great stripe combinations in 2,3 and multi colours
  • Ombre stripe, blurring, weaving, breaking and curving a stripe
  • Short row techniques, diagonal striping and how to knit chevrons
  • 9 fully explained techniques
  • 25 design/swatch examples
  • 50 pages
  • This is a technique book, not a pattern book
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Striped Quick Wins

Quick Wins are designed to be make-in-a-weekend Projects that often focus on a single technique to help you along on your machine knitting journey. These are fun projects that will give you an excuse to try different stripe techniques. More Quick Wins

Ribber Reversible Scarf

Bolster Pillows

Cut 'n Sew Striped Pillow

Modern Striped Pillow