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  • Best site on the internet. Stated with a month trial and a year rate is a bargain when considering everything that this site offers. It is a wealth of information and has aided me beyond anything I could have asked for. Great Tutorials and more. Cannot think of one negative remark about this site. Thanks for all your work putting it together for us.
    - Gary

  • I think this website is the best ever. You make the explanation seem so simple. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    - Morag

  • I won a subscription to Knit It Now at a seminar. I was not sure what the website was about, so I called. I had all my questions answered in a pleasant and friendly manner. I'm looking forward to using Knit It Now to advance my knitting skills. Thank you.
    - Monica

  • It is invaluable having a reference source that keeps expanding and categorizes everything in an easy to search web portal! Keep up the good work!
    - Annie Moore

  • I really enjoy Knit it Now, as i am Swedish and my English is not perfect, it is important for me with good instructions, and quality videos. I find them very easy to understand and follow!
    - Kaarina

  • I am the Colorado Silver Reed distributor, member of two machine knitting groups and teach intro lessons on MK and DAK. I *always* refer customers / experienced knitters / newbies to Knit It Now. Fantastic content and worth every penny. I would love to magically learn everything and become an expert!
    - Margit

  • I am from Nigeria and started knitting around October 2016. I joined the knit it now blog because any time i search online for a solution to my machine knitting problems, there is always a solution or solutions on knit it now. I keep longing for Thursdays for the tip of the week. I also hope someday, i will be able to afford the subscription fees, till then i will keep learning with the weekly tips and the blog. Thank you so much for the tips, lessons and ideas, they are so wonderful and have made me a better Machine knitter. You people at KIN are doing a great job, please don't relent and more power to your elbow??
    - Mimi

  • Sue, owner of Knit It Now, provides very caring and helpful service. When I need machine knitting yarns. I contact Knit It Now first for my needs.
    - Nancy Penney

  • I have spent the last couple of hours reviewing this website as I haven't done in some time and I must say that I am so very impressed. You've grown!!All that is offered here I just stand amazed... No wonder that I have kept my subscription current all this time without one iota of regret...its sorta like a a beloved magazine sub that you would rather do without something else rather than not have "Knit it now" available. Just want to say thank you Sue and there are lots of silent thank yous breathed that you never hear. Keep it up Girl, we all, new, old or somewhere in between need this knitting classroom. Ginny(smile)
    - Ginny

  • I love my membership with Knit it Now! It's my learning resource and it hasn't failed me. Great response to email correspondence and courteous customer service. Whoo who! Lifetime member right here!!
    - Kim

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