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What Others Are Saying..

  • I received excellent communication from the store, notification of when it would ship, and received it timely and in great condition. Delightful to work with these gals. Will purchase again when the need arises.
    - Marsha

  • You get to see the newer machine knits that will be coming to Canada later, and if your in a hurry to try them, you can always order them from Knit It Now and find out what they ard like to machine knit with.
    - RatePoint Reviewer

  • I just LOVE this site!! I would like to see more on using my machine to make larger items (sizes 2,3,4xl). You have given me great tutorials and a great deal of information. Keep it up.
    - Sue

  • i find it all very helpful and helps me get into the right mindset for creativity. thanks
    - Ann

  • Sue is an outstanding person to work with.
    - James Malsam

  • I love your site. I learn the best when I can read and see a new skill, and your unique wonderful web site does just that.. . . I love the fact that there are unlimited pattern builds and I love the schematics. I think this site is just what I needed.
    - Terri

  • Amazing! You guys just keep getting better and better. The Vintage Yarn Index is so what I've wished for. Thank you! Thank you!

  • [after retiring] the very first thing I got back to was my beloved machine knitting, which I hadn't worked on for 8 years. I'm sew happy now! Your website is beyond fantastic, and I can't get over how truly professional it is! ... Now, if I can just live long enough to use up all my yarn!
    - SANDEE

  • I have gotten excellent customer service- and it has exceeded my expectation. For example I may describe a project that I want to knit and from start to finish I am supported. Ship time is excellent and when I've had to make a return yarn the response has always been positive. I find Sue knowledgeable about her product and will refer you to someone else for additional information. I find the product and service outstanding!
    - Cheryl Manning-Shaub

  • Knit It Now makes all my machine knitting easier. Everything I need is all in one location!
    - Lynn

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