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What Others Are Saying..

  • Your last video and ripping out in tuck sang to me. Thank you for being so real in your comments and instructions. You probably save many the headaches that come from the craft we so love. I truly appreciate the learning I can do through your instructions.
    - Carol

  • Great communication, helpful when seeking proper fibers for specific knitting machines and projects, speedy responses, and delivery!
    - Diane Keen

  • Has been invaluable to me and great fun learning different stitch patterns. I would be doing many things the hard way or not at all if I had not subscribed. One thing that would appeal to me would be sweaters along the lines of Amy Herzog fitting guidelines. I have learned to do the vertical darts thanks to KIN but placement of the darts is hard for me.
    - Micki

  • SPLENDIDLY! And thank you for being there for us.
    - Priscilla

  • I have recently restarted knitting after about 15 years, and have updated my machine to an electronic one. Your tutorials and patterns have helped me to get going again. Thank you too !!!
    - Susan

  • I think you are the best machine knitting site that I have found on the internet Keep up the good work
    - Ronda

  • i find it all very helpful and helps me get into the right mindset for creativity. thanks
    - Ann

  • You have such a great site. Definitely my go to place if I am having problems or if I want to learn how to do something. Thank you so much. I tell everyone who will listen that this is the place to go.
    - Jean

  • Hi Sue I am learning so much from you you deserve a 10 Kelly C
    - Kelly

  • Lovely yarn, and warm, friendly service. Thanks you, Sue!
    - Peggy White

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