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What Others Are Saying..

  • I love your site. I spend a lot of time refining my machine techniques with all the videos and patterns!
    - Tim

  • Am grateful to the owners of this site. I have learnt a lot already.
    - Chinazom

  • I was just trying to explain this to a fellow knit club member on Saturday! Plus, this is far easier than the method I haave been using. THANKS!
    - Peg

  • Thank you for the videos. I love your presentations and how human everything is. Knit It Now is an amazing dynamic resource for machine knitting. Thank you for all the work done to stay current
    - Debra

  • just learning along. Started on the ribber last night, going to watch the timely post about ribbing. Theresa Did the hat. worked better with the waste yarn,
    - Theresa

  • Knit it now is great and I would probably have given up machine knitting if it weren't for this source :-)
    - Maya

  • Knit It Now has excellent service. I always email my order and it's here within a short time. If I have questions, Sue responds quickly. I am a satisfied customer.
    - Phyllis Zacharias

  • If you purchase yarn from Knit It Now you get high quality yarn at an affordable price. Prompt shipping and excellent contact. A buyer couldn't ask for more. I truly enjoy receiving samples of new yarns that come in.
    - Linda Williams

  • I continue to be amazed at the resources Knit it Now provides! I have learned more about machine knitting in the past year than I ever thought possible!! Whenever I have questions, I get prompt answers. Whenever a purchase is made, I receive it promptly. This tool has made the difference of my continuing interest in machine knitting vs. giving it up!
    - Vicki

  • I have been lurking on this site for several years and recently took out a subscription. Already I am impressed with all the information you have collected and prepared for machine knitters. I have learned a number of new techniques which have awakened my interest in improving my knitting. I am looking forward to an interesting year.
    - Jill

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