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What Others Are Saying..

  • I have been a subscriber for some time now. I have to congratulate you on the new look. It is fantastic and so easy to find all of your content. I'm already planning my learning projects and the only problem is time. I don't have enough of it and also get all the knitting done : )
    - Ann

  • Great job. Clear, logical, good quality videos and teaching.Wish you were here in Australia, although I'm an experienced knitter and always follow your site. Many thanks.
    - Joan Bowen

  • Service is first Rate, the yarn is excelent quality, shipped fast. It is a pleasure to deal with this company. Prices are the best on the Web by far for Cone yarns. I would highly recommend them to any machine Knitter looking for supplies.
    - Knitting Nut

  • This is wonderful website! I live far away from any machine knitting help. A real boon! Really loved videos on Silver Knit controller! Very helpful!
    - Diane

  • I think this website is the best ever. You make the explanation seem so simple. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    - Morag

  • I-Cord Bind off and Cast on--- loved this. I'm new at this but I've learned the I-CORD. Thank you!!!
    - Mary

  • You are the greatest boost for machine knitters, ever! Keep up the wonderful work.
    - Claire

  • I stumbled across the Knit It Now web site in frustrated search for machine knitting patterns. I has asked two Craftsy instructors for where to find more patterns. I have so much enjoyed the patterns and varieties since I found you. How can you increase your web presence so others don't have to spend a month searching? Thank you. I love you.
    - Irene

  • This is an amazing site...It's like having private lessons when I can't figure out how to do something; and there is always new videos and patterns that inspire me to keep on learning. Thank you so very much for all that you do.
    - Jean

  • Knit it Now has to be the best thing since sliced Bread. I am battling with Alzheimers and have returned to Machine knitting after an absence of 15 years in the hope of keeping my mind active while doing something that I enjoy immensely. I stumbled on this site, I cant remember how but it was like finding the Holy Grail. Your video presentations are second to none. Clear, concise friendly and easy to follow. I love this site and everything you do.
    - Raymond G

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