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What Others Are Saying..

  • Very inspiring and clear tips of the week. Thank you.
    - Louise

  • Thanks so much for the current Tip of the Week (Full Needle Rib Band). The video was clear, concise,and timely for me. I am literally in the process of seeking a machine knit alternative to multiple rows of crochet edging on a standard gauge kimono jacket I've just completed . Your video gave me the perfect solution!
    - Carla

  • I think this site is a terrific place. If this site doesn't have what I'm looking for and it's not on you tube, then I'm obviously looking for something that doesn't exist. Love it here.
    - Moe

  • I have been following you since the beginning and subscribed for the last 2 years. I plan to continue since you have so many great resources. I know several members of my machine knit club have subscribed as I shared some of the things I have found. Thanks, Sue and Matt for all the hard work. you are a class act and keep me inspired and on the right track.
    - Peg

  • Love the 2hour baby cardi course! Thanks so much for all you do for MKers everywhere!
    - Nancy

  • You guys are the best!!
    - Kelly

  • This is the only place I have been able to have instructions on how to use and make things on my knitting machine. I had taken a few local classes, (the only ones around) and made things by pattern but, no explanations, no getting out of trouble, no learning about the why and wherefore of this craft. Anyone can push the carriage back and forth, but learning how to make something 'you' want is gratifying. Thank you for your perseverance and wisdom. Always interested!!
    - Donna

  • Your site is very good and I love everything about it; the information, easy navigation and the shopping. I am looking forward seeing more coned yarns in wools and other natural fibres in the future. Keep up the great work!
    - Aloombox

  • After many, many years of wanting to try my hand at machine knitting, I finally purchased my machine 1 1/2 years ago. I was so excited when I got it, thinking I would just sit in front of it and start knitting beautiful things right off the bat. I soon learned this was not the case and this was a new skill I needed to learn and master. I was very frustrated and started questioning my decision to purchase my machine until I came across this website. Thanks to Knit it Now, I no longer fear my machine and my skills are definitely improving. If you’re still deciding whether to become a subscriber, don’t give it a second thought; it’s well worth the nominal investment. Wether you’re a newbie like me or have been knitting for a long time, the information on this site is priceless!
    - Silvana

  • Having no experience at all with knitting machines in the past, I have learned a lot since becoming a member.
    - Ellis

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