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What Others Are Saying..

  • I think you are the best machine knitting site that I have found on the internet Keep up the good work
    - Ronda

  • Love your video, what a great idea. I have been watching your free tutorials for years. This is a great addition love it. Keep up your good work. I think it is finally time for me to get enrolled, you finally got me hooked on the new one on socks. I hand knit all my socks and love doing them. Have read about the machine knitted ones and am a bit concerned about the side of the seam up the side. As I have always done mine on 4 needles. the hands are what they used to be so want to work on this idea. Something new and something new to learn. Always a good thing. Thanks, Sue.
    - Pat

  • The live events are awesome. Have to watch as replay due to work schedule but really learning a lot in them. Keep them coming. Also appreciate the continual focus on iterative improvements to the website and content.
    - Patricia

  • Best site on the internet. Stated with a month trial and a year rate is a bargain when considering everything that this site offers. It is a wealth of information and has aided me beyond anything I could have asked for. Great Tutorials and more. Cannot think of one negative remark about this site. Thanks for all your work putting it together for us.
    - Gary

  • I think you are doing brilliantly. I am amazed at how much there is here and we can all just tap in and click and it comes up like magic on screen!! I love it.
    - Morag

  • I just thought I would tell you how pleased I am with my subscription. You have so much valuable and very helpful information available. I am very glad that I subscribed. The more I look, the more I find. It is great!
    - Suzanne

  • I absolutely love this site! Great tutorials packed full of useful information. There is just one thing I'd like to know. Where on earth do you get those clips you use in the videos? The only clips I've found are jumbo wonder clips, but they don't look anything like yours. ****** Here's a link to the info
    - Sharon

  • I am very excited to use the information provided in this site to help me learn about my machine and machine knitting in general.
    - hla212

  • I think this is a fabulous site. Sue has been VERY helpful in helping me find a course which I can do. She can send me a link to the site and I just log in it's brilliant.
    - Morag Walker

  • My experience with Knit It Now has been online. The staff has been exceptionally helpful to me in finding information I needed though I have had little opportunity to need their services. What I did need they were the only source I located. They reply personally to inquiries and give alerts to products they have reason to think would be of interest to me. It is a pleasure to do business with Knit It Now.
    - MJ

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