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What Others Are Saying..

  • Love your site! I learn new things every time I log in.
    - Lynn

  • I must tell you that we love how Knit-It-Now has uplifted the machine knitting realm for all levels of participation. Keep up the good work.
    - Ed & Nancy

  • Thanks so much for the current Tip of the Week (Full Needle Rib Band). The video was clear, concise,and timely for me. I am literally in the process of seeking a machine knit alternative to multiple rows of crochet edging on a standard gauge kimono jacket I've just completed . Your video gave me the perfect solution!
    - Carla

  • Service is great. If you have any questions, Sue is sure to have a quick, courteous answer. A pleasure to do business with.
    - Barbara Perniconi

  • Congratulations on your dynamic site! I am looking forward to learning to machine knit with you. I inherited my mother's machine, and had it refurbished recently Now, with your help I hope to become as proficient as she was.
    - Katherine

  • SPLENDIDLY! And thank you for being there for us.
    - Priscilla

  • Its been a while since I knitted and suddenly met a girl in town who is a new MKer. I was going to make something simple on my machine so I could show her how (but was refreshing my memory on basics). I wanted to start with a rolled hem and remembered you had a fabulous tutorial on it so looked it up and was very impressed. She is a member and I'll have her sign in and watch the video. Thanks for being there for us!
    - Roz Porter

  • I've been a member of Knit it now for 3 years or more and you are only getting better. I am a visual learner and you are always adding videos to your classes which makes it easier for me to learn. Thank you, Sue for always answering my questions !
    - Evelyn

  • Lovely yarn, and warm, friendly service. Thanks you, Sue!
    - Peggy White

  • I love this site! I've not been able to use my machine because of health problems but I'm slowly working my way back and hope to dig in again soon. You've helped so many people. Keep up what you're doing.
    - Moe

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