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What Others Are Saying..

  • ..... Now that it (her machine) is up and running, I need to learn how to use it and find yarn suppliers.Your website is a godsend! Thank you for maintaining the site so well. I'll be ordering yarn soon!
    - Suzanne Haney

  • You are the greatest boost for machine knitters, ever! Keep up the wonderful work.
    - Claire

  • i think you are doing very well with tips for machine knitters
    - Josie


  • I’m so glad to be a part of the Knit It Now community :) Your website has been a tremendous help even for an experienced knitter like myself! I can’t wait to keep exploring and learning more.
    - Inbar

  • Knit it now is great and I would probably have given up machine knitting if it weren't for this source :-)
    - Maya

  • Knit It Now has beautiful, top-quality yarns and I am delighted with the service. I couldn't believe I received the yarn so fast!!
    - RatePoint Reviewer

  • I love this website! whenever I'm stuck trying to figure out how to do something on the km all I have to do is search this site and I will find the solution. Sometimes I don't even have to look, I will receive a tip in my email. I really love getting those.
    - Moe

  • My inquiry about a particular yarn was answered promptly; service and shipment were excellent and fast. I will definitely be buying from Knit It Now again. The samples included were great; I was asked about yarns I was interested in. Great communication and service.
    - Cindy

  • As an avid knitter, I can only say -I love your website. I live in New Zealand and [as with other countries] over the years, both local and National knitting club memberships have been in steady decline as members age and few younger ones join. KIN is a wonderful medium for reinvigorating my enthusiasm for my craft and for keeping all knitters connected. I personally enjoy competition knitting as a way of challenging and perfecting my skills. I have to wonder if there is some way in which KIN could encourage members to show off their talents by way of an online competition?
    - Lynda Goulden

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