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Learn how to prevent and solve 6 common issues you may encounter with your knitting.

"Stuff happens" to every machine knitter. Learning to overcome these challenges will go a long way to prevent frustration with your machine.

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Prevent and Solve Machine Knitting Headaches

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Has this happened to you?

  1. You are knitting away happily, soothed by the rhythm of the carriage or lock moving back and forth, watching the fabric grow, when suddenly, the tension arm springs back, and your work drops either completely or partially from the machine.

  2. You can’t get the machine to knit that first row, no matter how hard you try.

  3. You just can’t get the carriage/lock to move.

  4. You are knitting happily again when you realize that one (or more) needles are not knitting. They are moving up and down but there is no stitch.

  5. You notice a stitch immediately jumping off its needle, or notice a section of bars (unknit stitches).

  6. You discover loops of yarn at the end of each row.
Avoid these headaches
Fill out the form and get immediate access to the FREE 6-Point Guide