Mastering your Ribber
Hems and Edges
Ribbed Fabrics
Shaping on the Ribber
Knitting in the Round

Mastering your Ribber

Open yourself to a whole new world of machine knitting! Create gorgeous fabrics, learn to knit in the round and challenge yourself with techniques that will make you look like a pro!

Check out Ribber 1 Classroom

Think of using your knitting ribber as using 2 knitting machines. Can you tuck and slip and work short rows on your machine? Then you can do these things on the ribber.

The clear, detailed, step-by-step tutorials walk you through mastering your ribber and will re-ignite your passion for your knitting machine!

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Beautiful ribbed fabric deserves beautiful hems and edges.

Lacy Ribber Hem

Loopy Ribber Hem

Fence Post Hem (Double Bed)

Cable Eyelet Ribbing

Machine Knitting Trims and Edges (Double Bed)

Beautiful double bed trims and edges for Japanese machines. Dress up your knitting!
  • 24 double bed techniques
  • Updated with full color photos
  • Clear Charts and diagrams
  • Searchable
This updated book is based on Bonnie Triola's original 101 Trims and Edges book. It contains double bed techniques only.

Single Bed Version here
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Basic Fabrics

Classic double bed rib stitch patterns that are sure to please.
Mastering these will go a long way towards mastering your ribber

Experiment with English Rib

Fisherman Rib

Fun with Flat Ribs

Fun with Flat Ribs Part 2

Long Stitch aka Half Milano

More Ribbed Fabrics

Incorporate knit an purl stitches with some unusual techniques for fabulous fabrics.

Waffle Stitch (Ribber)

Elongated Stitches (double bed)

Checkerboard Stitch Pattern

Drop Stitch Rib

Corrugated Rib on the Machine

Racking Magic

Shaping in Ribbing

Shaping while knitting on the double bed shouldn't be intimidating. The processes are the same, you just need to account for the "extra" needles that are in work.
Watch the videos and you'll quickly understand how to shape while knitting in double bed needle variations.

2x2 Full Fashion Ribber Decrease

2x2 Ribbing Simple Increase

2x2 Half Pitch Rib Cast On

Full Needle Rib Increases

1x1 Ribbing Increase Techniques

Short Row Decreasing in 1x1 Ribbing

Shaping in 1x1 Ribbing

Short Rows in Full Needle Rib

Short Row Decreasing in 1x1 Ribbing

Short Row Increasing in 1x1 ribbing

Circular / Tubular Knitting

Knitting "in the round" by using both needlebeds is a clever way of creating seamless pieces and wide widths of knitting.

Remember stitch patterning can only be worked automatically (punchcard or electronics) on the MAIN bed. So any patterning "in the round" will have to be hand manipulated on the ribber.

In other words, you could work fairisle on the main bed, but it cannot be worked on the ribber.

Circular (Tubular) Knitting

Half Circular U-Knitting

Sleeves in the Round