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What's a Ribber?

Picture this:

  • You have a knitting machine with 100+ needles.

  • You use a carriage to quickly knit 100+ needles with the pass of the carriage

  • Imagine cloning that needlebed, turning it 180° and positioning the needles facing each other.

Now you have a setup that can not only create purl stitches, but knit stitches as well.

That the basic idea of a knitting machine ribber.

Imagine being able to knit k1, p1 ribbing with the pass of the carriage ... but wait! There's so much more!
A bit of advice:
If you are just getting started with machine knitting and have a ribber, be kind to yourself and take this advice.

Put the ribber aside for a while ... master the single bed BEFORE adding the ribber to the equation.

Learn and understand the settings for your machine. Practice with a few different yarns, learn to read and follow patterns ... get some successes under your belt before adding the ribber.

Trust me .... been there ... done that

Cast on Bind Off

There are many methods for both casting on and binding off when working with the double bed.

Your best bet is to try multiple techniques and determine which work for you.

3 Perfect Ribbing Cast Ons

Easiest, Best Ribber Cast On

Ribber E-Wrap Cast On

Easy Ribber Bind Off

Figure 8 Bind Off

Full Needle Rib Cast On Techniques

Don't Skip These

Swatching on the Double Bed

Ribber: Full vs Half Pitch

Adjusting a Ribber

Setting Up Your Ribber

Tips and Tricks

Ribber Weights on the Floor?

Brother Transfer Carriage

Transfer without a Double Eye Needle

Fine Knit Bar - Close Knit Bar

Rescue Ribbing Oops

Troubleshooting Tips

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Ribber Basic Bootcamp

Purchase This Home Study Course
Price: $49.95
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If you've never used your ribber, or you've never used it for more than 1x1 ribbing, this course is for you!

Open yourself to a whole new world of machine knitting! Create gorgeous fabrics, learn to knit in the round and challenge yourself with techniques that will make you look like a pro!

Think of using your knitting ribber as using 2 knitting machines. Can you tuck and slip and work short rows on your machine? Then you can do these things on the ribber.

The clear, detailed, step-by-step tutorials walk you through mastering your ribber and will re-ignite your passion for your knitting machine!

2x2 Ribbing Course

Purchase This Home Study Course
Price: $24.99
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Dust off that ribber! Have you ever struggled with casting on for 2x2 ribbing?

The traditional instructions in our manuals have lots of steps. Skip one and .... disaster!

  • Learn a quick and easy way to cast on in any needle setup.
  • Practice techniques for perfect ribbing. From Seaming to bind off methods
  • Practice the beautiful tubular cast on (AKA Kitchener Cast on) with a printable cheat sheet to help you keep on track
  • Learn and practice 2 practical bind off methods
  • Put your new skills to work in knitting a "Messy Bun" hat
  • Up for a challenge? Learn an exciting 2 color Corrugated Rib technique

Subscriber Knit-Alongs

Ribber Knit-Along 1

  • Maybe you've played with your ribber, but it is still intimidating
  • Have you've only used it for 1x1 ribbing on cuffs? .... OMG! There is sooo much more you can do!
  • Let's dust off that machine, give it a little oil (and love) and get knitting!

Ribber Knit-Along 2

  • Build on the skills learned and practiced in Ribber 1
  • Racking
  • Shaping in ribbing
  • Short Rows (partial knitting)
  • Live Knit Club

    Maybe you're considering purchasing a ribber for your machine or maybe you have one and haven't used it.

    Let's talk about how adding a ribber to your MK setup can expand your horizons.

    Did you know you can do much more than plain 'ol 1x1 ribbing?
    Subscribe today and unlock all we have to offer

    100% Reversible Scarf

    Put your ribber to use with this full-needle rib scarf.

    Curious about full needle rib or haven't used it for a while?

    Here's a quick project that is good for practice, and you'll have a warm, beautiful scarf to wear!

    Magic Racked Scarf

    Looking for a completely reversible scarf?

    Use the Racking Magic stitch pattern on your ribber for a lightweight, open work scarf that is sure to please!

    Ribber PomPom Scarf

    Looking for a FAST project? Dust off your Ribber and get knitting!

    English Rib Ear Warmer

    Quick Project for your ribber. Use English Rib (or any ribbed stitch pattern) for a soft and stretchy ear warmer.

    Start and finish FAST, with 2 suggestions for practically no finishing/

    Fisherman Rib Blanket

    Updated, colorful and fun, this one-piece blanket is sure to please!

    Knit in a self striping yarn in Fisherman rib and you'll be done in no-time!

    Dust off your ribber and get knitting!

    Man's Knitted Tie

    Knitted ties are classic!

    If you have some experience with your ribber, making them on the knitting machine can be a fun, quick project.

    A nice tubular cast on, a simple ribber stitch pattern (we used tuck rib), a bit of Kitchener grafting and voila.... you have an instant gift, craft fair or boutique item.

    Fabrics, Trims, Hems and more!

    As you can tell there is sooo much you can do with the ribber.
    Check out Ribber 2 Classroom