Add a collar to any sweater

With a little planning and an understanding of collar construction, you can add a beautiful designer touch to any sweater.

You don't need a special pattern to add a collar. Use your favorite sweater pattern and modify the neckline.

In general, collars are basically an added rectangle of fabric, strategically placed to add softness (and warmth) to a sweater.

Let's examine some popular collars and consider how they can be added to your next project.

Design your own collars

Consider adding a collar to your next project. You don't need a special pattern, design your own!
Things to consider:
  • The width of the neck opening. (A turteleneck should have a narrow neck opening)
  • The depth of the neck opening. (A dramatic cowl would need a deep neck opening)
  • Ribbing or not?
  • Collar style
  • Number of needles available

Collars for Machine Knitters

DesignaKnit: Neckbands and Collars

KISS Collar

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Cowl and Split Cowl Neck

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