CB-1 Box

Brother 970 Electronics

The Brother 970 CB-1 Box is unique in the machine knitting world.

Although the technology was advanced for the time, today it is dated. But the electronics offer so many possibilities!
  • Create your own stitch patterns without punchcards
  • Interface directly with DesignaKnit for stitch patterns and Interactive Knitting
  • Built-in charting device to "knit from screen" without DesignaKnit
  • Electronic row counter
The CB-1 box isn't hard to use if you take things step by step.

These tutorials will help you do some of the basic things with your CB-1 box. If you are stumped by a specific task, let us know and we'll do our best to help out.

Here at Knit it Now, we try to keep our tutorials "generic". Most techniques are the same no matter what machine you are using. The differences come in the terminology between the different brands, and the location of buttons and levers on the different models
These tutorials are specific to the 970 Electronics. For machine knitting tutorials our Learning Library is jam packed with "generic" information that directly applies to your Brother 970.