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Basic Seams
Sew as you Go
Show Off Seams
Specialty Seams
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Kitchener Grafting

Choices, Choices, Choices

A well executed seam means the difference between "home made" and "hand made"

"OK, Sue... how do you really feel about this?"

Unless you only knit scarves or 1 panel blankets, you need seams. Scroll through this classroom and you'll see nearly a zillion different seaming methods, and this only scratches the surface of techniques that knitters have used over the years.

In some of the older Japanese manuals, they demonstrate using a sewing machine for seaming your knitted pieces. (be still my heart)

You may disagree, but the idea of blocking, pinning, basting, adding blocking wires, then using a sewing machine isn't my idea of fun.

OK .... I do LOVE cut 'n sew ... but that's a whole different topic!

Check out the variety of seaming methods that follow ... see any new to you? Give them a try!

Everyday Seams

Seaming - Putting It All Together

Seaming Stitches to Rows

Perfect Jog-less Stripes

Seaming Reverse Stockinette

More Everyday Seams

Seaming Ribbing - Plan Ahead!

Bickford Seams - The Flattest Seams Ever!

Seaming Mock Ribbing

Beautiful Knit Weave Edges

Fast Joins

Join pieces as you knit. Eliminate having to go back and seam.

Sew As You Go

Sew-as-you-go Tricks

Creative Blanket Joins

Because of our needlebed limitations, to get nice, WIDE blankets, machine knitters knit blankets in panels.

From simple mattress stitch, to sew-as-you go, to fancy joins, there are many creative ways of seaming the panels.

Make the join appear "seamless" or make the seam the main feature of the design ... it's your choice!

Hairpin Lace Seam

Twisted Join

Fancy Seams

Not just for blankets! Add fancy seams anywhere you want to draw attention to the join.
Not enough needles for a sweater? Knit panels and add a show-off seam.

Show off Seams

Show Off Seams 2

Designer I-Cord Seams and Edges

Construction Tips

Plan your seams as you are constructing the pieces of your garments

Seaming Bands

Show-Off Shoulder Seams

Shoulder Seams

Streamlined Sleeve Seam

More Construction Tips

Decorative Yoke Seam

Setting In Sleeves on the Machine

Edges for Slit Skirts, Sweaters and Necklines

Make 'em Fancy!

Interested in more Raglan Seam Inspiration?

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Kitchener Grafting is just like Duplicate Stitch
Neatly and seamless grafting stitches together (joining rows) is an essential skill for all knitters. You may form the toes of socks with grafting. Create tubes of knitting for a cowl or collar by seamlessly joining the cast on and bind off edge.

Grafting is basically creating a row of knitting by hand, joining 2 edges. It is similar to duplicate stitch, so an understanding of this technique is helpful.

Here are some practice exercises and tips for learning Kitchener grafting.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Create a Practice Swatch

Practice Duplicate Stitch

Study the stitch construction

Graft the edges by hand

Graft on the machine - Purl Side

Graft on the machine - Knit Side