Hat Quick Wins
Seamless - "In-the-Round" hats

Reasons to Knit Hats:

  1. Keep your loved ones warm
  2. Knit for those in need
  3. Hats are FAST knitting
  4. Use up your stash yarn
  5. Learn, practice and MASTER machine knitting skills

Mile-A-Minute Hats

Basic hat - Fast Knitting - Great for community knitting

  • Knit a series of rectangles "assembly-line" style
  • Gather the top.
  • Stitch up the seam
  • Small investment in time - big results!
Cast on
Knit plain or in pattern
Gather top

Watch Cap

  • Shaped Crown
  • Cuff Options
  • Beautiful Fit -
Ribbing or hung hem
Wedge Decreases (plain or decorative)
Side Seam and Wedge Seaming

Swirl Top Beanie

Decorative Shaped Crown

  • Your choice of cuff
  • Swirl shaping with decreases
  • Stitch up the seam
  • Multiple stitch transfers, but big results!

Hung Hem or Ribbing
Decorative Decreases across row

Rib 'n Roll Slouchy Hat

Updated style - knit with or without a ribber

  • Easy cast on
  • Your choice of stitch pattern
  • Great technique practice
  • Sure to please!
Basic Cast on
Ribber or hand reform ribbing
Automatic or manual stitch patterning
Seaming in pattern

Ribber Ear Warmer

Dust off your ribber!

  • Reversible Stitch pattern
  • Your choice of needle arrangement
  • Add embellishments
Set up and knit in ribbing
Beautiful Edges
Easy Finishing tips

Newborn Visor Cap

Cute-as-a-button earflap hat with soft visor for newborns.

Written for the standard gauge machine (no ribber) with construction photos and detailed instructions, this hat will keep the little ones warm!

This pattern is offered for FREE, with your promise to make at least one for charity.

Traditional pattern for Standard Gauge Machine

Lucky Cloche Pattern

Knit this fashionable and warm cloche on any machine.

Knit in one piece, short row shaping creates the fold-back brim.

The stripe can be knit plain, in reverse stockinette, linen stitch or any stitch pattern to make it stand out. The top has impressive swirl shaping to top off this gorgeous project.

Inside Out Hat

Inside-Out Hat
Lined hat for extra warmth. Reversible: 2 hats in one. Perfect for enclosing fairisle floats.

Knit on ANY machine, with ANY yarn and ANY stitch pattern.

Perfect fit for your size PLUS make it fit close or knit it long and slouchy.

Inside-Out Hat

Free Pattern
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Eliminate the seam

Use a double bed machine to create tubes for hats

  • Knit a tube
  • Let the hem roll
  • Gather the top
Be sure to calibrate the beds (Match ribber and Main Bed Tension) for perfect gauge for all of your double bed knitting.

Circular (Tubular) Knitting

Matching Ribber and Main Bed Tension