The Secret to Getting Good Fit
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One-Size-Fits DOES NOT Fit All

No Pattern is One-Size-Fits Everybody

Knitting sweaters that fit can be the most challenging part of knitting for yourself (or others).

Learn what it takes by paying attention (and learning about) not only to measurements, but knitting techniques that can impact fit.
  • Are you always happy with your knits?
  • Do you struggle with the same fit issues over and over?
  • Do you choose your knitting pattern size by your body measurement?
Discover how to make knits that fit YOU!
Learn common fit issues and how to fix them.
Explore using DesignaKnit, Pencil and Paper, Charting Devices or Knit it Now patterns.

Apply what you learn to your next knitting project. You'll be delighted with the results!

Learn to get GREAT FIT!

Don't just follow knitting patterns and HOPE that the designer had YOUR body in mind when they did the math!