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Analyzing Sweater Styles (including sleeves)

When choosing knitting patterns, the first thing to consider is the basic shape of the sweater, especially the sleeves

  • Ease of knitting:
    Drop shoulder, and square armholes are fast and easy to knit. Full fashioned armholes involved a little bit of shaping on both the armhole and sleeve. Raglan shaping is worked over both the armhole and sleeve. Set in sleeves involve shaping for the armholes and complicated shaping for the sleeve cap as well.

  • Wearer preference:
    For kids, knitters often create drop shoulder or modified drop shoulder sweaters. Often adults have definite preferences. Drop shoulder, modified drop shoulder and raglan shaping are popular because they fit a wide range of body shapes. For proper fit, set in sleeves should be sized to fit the width of the shoulder.

Understanding and being able to identify basic sweater shapes is key to making good choices when planning your next sweater project.

Are you pressed for time? Select a simpler shape. Figure challenges? Choose a shape that is best for you.

For a better understanding of your choices, watch this video to examine some sleeve styles.

Great Fit!

Set-in sleeves may be the most popular sleeve style in fashion, but they can be the most challenging for knitters.

Armed with an accurately written pattern, and lots of practice, you won't hesitate to add set-in sleeves to your MK skill set.

Set In Sleeve Perfection

Setting In Sleeves on the Machine

Sleeve Shaping: No Joggies

Wonky Set in Sleeves

Top Down Set In Sleeves

Sleeves in the Round

Practice Makes Progress

Practice Set In Sleeves
Here's a basic set in sleeve pattern that you can use with any yarn and any machine! (Even Hand knitting).

Create mini or full size sleeves to perfect your shaping and seaming skills.

Practice Set In Sleeves

Free Pattern
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Knitting Patterns YOUR Way

With Knit it Now Dynamic Patterns, you can knit sweaters with the sleeve style you want!

Drop Shoulder, Square, Full Fashion, Raglan, Set-In ... choose your style along with your neckline shape and get knitting fast!

Remember with Knit it Now Dynamic Blueprints, you can use ANY machine, ANY yarn, ANY stitch pattern ... and ANY sleeve style!

Pencil and Paper Charting

Learning to chart knitting patterns is an invaluable skill in understanding pattern construction. You may not want to chart your patterns start-to-finish, but understanding how they are created can help you identify problems with patterns and allow you to make adjustments as you are knitting.

Paper and Pencil Charting - Modify Set in Sleeves 1

Paper and Pencil Charting - Modify Set in Sleeves 2

Paper and Pencil Charting - Modify Set in Sleeves 3

Paper and Pencil Charting - Modify Set in Sleeves 4

Pencil and Paper Charting Part 5 Sleeve Length

Lengthen/Shorten Sleeves

Do you find that your sleeves are always too short or too long?
We recommend measuring your sleeve length from the underarm to cuff.
Once you determine your preferred sleeve length, check your pattern and make any changes.
Use the Knit it Now Magic Formula Tools and don't worry about any math!

Pencil and Paper Charting Part 5 Sleeve Length

DesignaKnit - Lengthen Sleeves

Tool: Magic Formula (Inches)

Tool: Magic Formula (stitches)

Using DAK

DesignaKnit is a powerful charting tool. Here are a few tips for working with sleeve patterns in DAK.

DesignaKnit - Lengthen Sleeves

DAK- Raglan Sleeves

DAK - Sideways Cardigan

Complete Course

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Master Set in Sleeves
Do you hesitate to knit sweaters with set in sleeves? Have you struggled with them in the past?
Get focused on sleeves! Here's what to expect in the course:
  • Using the included Knit it Now Practice Pattern you will knit a sample armhole and sleeve
  • You will explore different shaping methods to perfect your knitting
  • You will learn multiple techniques for setting in the sleeves to the armhole
  • We will explore knitting and joining sleeves from the top down.
  • After all that practice, you will no longer hesitate to knit sweaters with set in sleeves AND you'll knit sweaters that you can be proud to wear.

LIVE Knit-Club Replay | Set-In Sleeves

Knitting perfect set in Sleeves just takes practice
  • 3 Reasons for Ugly Sleeves (hint: it may not be your fault)
  • Perfect your techniques
  • Top Down Sleeves (love 'em or hate 'em)
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LIVE Knit-Club Replay | Raglan Sleeves

Raglan Sleeve Sweaters are many knitters' favorites.
  • Pattern Design Differences
  • Construction Options (top down, bottom up)
  • Decorative Shaping
  • Don't just blindly choose and follow a pattern. Learn about how raglan patterns are written, so you can knit the perfect sweater for you!
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