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So many possibilities with tuck!

Tuck is a great way to add texture and interest to your knitting.
When knitting tuck, certain needles do not knit and the working yarn travels OVER the needles out of work.

Once you understand how tuck stitch is created on your machine, the sky's the limit!

  • Change the number of rows tucked
  • Change the needles selected
  • Change the number of rows between tucks
  • Put some needles out of work
  • Add color
  • Mix 'n match stitch patterns

Check out the Knit it Now Stitch Library for Tuck and Tuck lace Inspiration! Here are a few samples:

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Tuck Basics

Tuck got you stumped? This popular stitch pattern can be worked on any machine.

The secret is UNDERSTANDING what is happening with all the settings on your machine.

No matter what machine you are using, there are 4 Essentials to instructing your machine to knit in tuck.
Follow along as we walk thru each step.

Tuck Lace

Tuck Lace (tuck with needles out of work) is a favorite technique.

Although this video is focused on manual machines, putting needles out of work is possible with automatic patterning machines as well.

Multi-Color Tuck

Alternating colors along with tuck stitch patterns can create amazing designs. Also known as Coin Stitch, Bubbles, Bricks and blocks, this needle and color arrangement is a classic!

Tuck Lace Cutie

Tuck Lace Cutie
This retro pattern has classic appeal and is a great example of how to add a bit of tuck lace to a garment

Tuck Lace Cutie

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Sharron's Vest

Sharron's Vest
Sharron added gorgeous texture to this simple vest. The texture of the "wrong" side adds interest to the turned back collar

Sharron's Vest

Free Pattern
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With the purchase of this pattern you will be able to generate this pattern 3 times in your own specified yarn gauges.
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ruffled cardigan

Ruffled Cardigan
Tuck for the ruffles not only adds texture, but helps "tame the curl"

Ruffled Cardigan

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With the purchase of this pattern you will be able to generate this pattern 3 times in your own specified yarn gauges.

Tucked Blocks Pillow

Take a fairly simple tuck stitch pattern and add stripes for a quick, textured, colorful pillow.

Our pillow is knit on a patterning machine (punchcard or electronic), but the stitch pattern is simple enough to work on a manual machine.

Tuck Baby Trio

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This complete course includes instruction and patterns for the sweater, leggings and blanket.
  • Sweater - pullover with a button opening the back
  • Leggings - keep the little ones warm!
  • Blanket - knit binding in multi-color tuck

Tuck Example 1

This is a very simple tuck pattern.
  • Tuck every other needle
  • Tuck every other row
  • Knits very wide (compared to Stockinette)
  • Interesting texture on both sides

Same number of stitches and row in each swatch.
This tuck stitch knits considerably wider than stockinette

Tuck Example 2

Another simple tuck ... notice the 5 plain stitches (black holes) between the tucks (no holes) .
  • Tuck 4 rows with 5 plain stitches between
  • Knits wider than stockinette, but not as much as Example 1 (less tucks per row)
  • Interesting texture on both sides

Tuck Example 3

Use the same card as the previous example, but put needles out of work.
  • The needle out of work create decorative "ladders"
  • The "ladders" replace one series of tucks
  • There are 9 plain rows between tucks
  • Interesting texture on both sides

Same card as Example 2, but with the highlighted needles out of work

Scallops with Tuck

Utilize tuck stitch to "distort" the edges of your knitting into Scallops

Tuck Faux Ribbing

For the look of 2x1 ribbing, without hand manipulation or a ribber, try tuck!

This stitch pattern doesn't pull in or stretch like regular ribbing but it does produce columns of stitches that resemble ribbing.

Remember tuck knits wider than stockinette, so you may want to cast on fewer stitches than your garment piece, knit the "ribbing", then cast on some stitches for the garment width.

This also requires weight (add more weight than you would plain knitting). Because there are loops over 2 needles, you want the weight to control those strandsso they don't loop over the gate pegs of your machine.

Tuck for Sharp Creases

If you want a sharp crease when knitting slacks and skirts, tuck is just the tool! These type of creases can also be used when knitting facings or for sideways knits

Stitch Types

Learn more about stitch patterning

Stitch Types and Yarn Usage

Anatomy of Pattern Stitches

Troubleshooting Tips

Automatic patterning helps us make beautiful textures and fabrics. Sometimes things don't go as planned. This is the 3rd in the Troubleshooting series and focuses on problems specific to patterning, both punchcard and electronic.
  • Unwanted areas of plain knitting
  • Mis-patterning
  • Dropped stitches
  • Problems with tuck patterns
Many things can impact patterning. We suggest you review the tutorial, Troubleshooting - Plain Knitting. Many issues that are covered in that tutorial don't show up until you try to do automatic patterning.

Swatching in pattern

There are a variety of techniques for creating swatches. Most machine knitters have their favorites.
But what if you are working a stitch pattern?
Here are techniques for creating accurate gauge swatches when knitting with needles out of work, tuck, lace or highly textured stitch patterns.

7 Tuck Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Measuring and calculating accurate gauge when knitting in tuck can be problematic. Here are 8 tips learned the hard way

Uninterrupted Patterning

When knitting in pattern and shaping garments, it's important to learn how to start and stop the stitch pattern.

Interrupted Patterning Part 1

Interrupted Patterning Part 2

Let's talk Tuck

Original LIVE date March 5, 2019

Let's talk Tuck! A basic technique that can be worked on any knitting machine.
Tuck ads texture and width and the possibilities are nearly endless!

Manual Machine, Punchcard or Electronic ... you CAN knit Tuck!

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