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About Yarn for MKers

You don't have to use special yarn for machine knitting,
BUT you must understand what yarns work with YOUR machine.

Getting Technical

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Yarn Challenges

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Yarn tips for Newbie Mkers

You don't need to use yarn on cones for machine knitting ..... but it is easier!
Less ends to work in and often coned yarn is waxed (or treated) to pass more easily through the knitting machine.
We recommend beginning knitters start with yarn on cones. It saves you time in re-winding or dealing with difficult yarns in balls.

1.What Gauge is your machine?

The size of the needles and the distance between them determines what yarn you can use.

Learn more about needle pitch and machine gauges.

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2. Compare by Yards per Pound (YPP)

  • Tamm Sport is a good choice for the Standard Gauge Machines It is approx 1,722 yards per pound
  • Tamm 3 PLY is a good choice if you are going to play with fairisle. At approx 2,564 yards per pound it is lighter.  It is beautiful single stranded, but it is especially nice when knitting color work
  • Tamm also has a heavier yarn on cones ... Tamm Nordic for the Mid Gauge/Bulky Machines is a versatile weight. Notice that it's approx 1112 yards per pound.

3. YPP is the best way to compare yarn in balls, hanks or skeins.

  The Knit it Now  Yards Per Pound Tool helps you compare yarns to determine the best machine for each yarn, no matter the put up.


Yarn Counts

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How much yarn?

Tools to help you choose yarn

Yards Per Pound

Yards Per Pound

Compare yarn that is put up in balls, hanks, cakes, or skeins to weights of yarn on cones.

Yarn Estimator

Yarn Estimator

Determine if you have enough yarn to finish your project. A swatch, a scale and a few measurements and you'll never worry about running out of yarn!
Found a yarn you LOVE?

Determine if it's right for your machine

Calculate how much you need for your project

Vintage Yarn Index

The Knit it Now Vintage Yarn Index is a listing of vintage/discontinued coned yarn with replacement suggestions.
  • Do you have a pattern using an old yarn? Find a current replacement.
  • Learn more about your stash yarn.

Yarn Sources at Knit it Now

Wide Variety of fine wools - made in the USA

Wonderful man-made fibers, affordably priced - great for practice and beginners

Large variety of fibers and styles of yarn imported from the UK

Color Cards - samples to feel the yarn and see the actual colors

Jaggerspun of Main

Tamm Yarns

Yeoman Yarns

Myth Busting - Yarn for Knitting Machines

We often get these questions from new knitters:
  • Do I need special yarn for my machine?
  • What yarn can I use with my machine?
  • Do I have to re-wind yarn in balls or center pull skeins?
Let's explore the topic of yarn! We'll dispel some myths, outline some facts, and get in trouble voicing some strong opinions on the subject.
If you are an experienced knitter, please join in with your words of wisdom for other knitters.
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Tool: Yards per Pound Compare yarn put up in balls, hanks, cakes or skeins to YPP and machine gauges

How much yarn?

How to know how much yarn to purchase for a project? When knitting with cones, the decision is usually do I need 1 or 2 cones? Since we've been using more and more hand knitting yarn, a more accurate estimate is needed. Let's talk about yarn estimates ... from guessing to knowing for sure!
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