What cast on method is best?
Open vs Closed Cast On
Closed but Temporary
Add even weight
Closed and Functional
Specialty Cast On
Hems and Edges
Troubleshooting Tips
Bind Off Classroom

It's up to you!

As with all things machine knitting, there are many, many ways of casting on your knitting.

When we first start knitting we are anxious to get stitches on the machine and get knitting. But we soon find that there may be better methods to cast on.

Please don't get stuck in a rut and use the same cast on over and over. Take time to LEARN and PRACTICE different methods. Some are fast (but not good for the hem of a sweater). Others are a more time consuming (but beautiful). Some are stretchy enough for socks, others not so much.

On your machine knitting journey, it's up to you to discover the perfect cast on for your specific project.