What is Fairisle?
Manual Machines
Stuff You Should Know
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What Knitting Machines Do Best

Tell a hand knitter that you can knit a fairisle hat in an afternoon and they will be amazed. PLUS your fairisle will look sooooo much better than hand knitting.

Automatic patterning machines, (punchcard and electronics) make stranded knitting easy.

The trick is to understand what is happening with your machine and learn to incorporate stitch patterning when you are shaping garment pieces.

Fairisle and the Silver Reed LK-150

Want to learn more about stitch patterning on the LK-150?

With the course, Master LK-150 Patterning you'll explore all the possibilities of stitch patterns on your manual machine.

There is soooo much you can do by simply hand selecting needles and setting the levers on your machine to create colorful fabrics (and yummy textures).

Master LK-150 Patterning Self-Paced Course Complete LK-150 Learning Bundle

Tips 'n Tricks for working in Fairisle

When working in Fairisle, here are some things you need to know.
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Santa Tomte Pillow Kit

This clean and modern design is inspired by the “tomte”, a domestic sprite who protected the farm. With a pointed red hat and long white beard it looks a lot like a gnome . . .and Santa Claus! Bring a bit of whimsy and the flair of Scandinavian style home for the holidays.

Stranded Pillow

Keep it Simple! Forget all the challenging hand manipulation and fuss! Let your knitting machine do what it does best - patterning!

Use this eye-catching herringbone pattern or the stitch pattern of your choice.

Knit a 2 color fairisle pillow in a FRACTION of the time it would take by hand.

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