Basic Bind Off Methods
Specialty Bind Offs
Ribber Bind Offs
Cast on Classroom

Just the Basics

Some of these may be new to you ... give them a try!

Bind off Basics

Scrap Off

Favorite Bind off

Figure 8 Bind Off

Stretchy Bind Offs

Great for socks, or when you need extra stretch without being sloppy.

Stretchiest Bind Off Ever!

Stretchy Bind Off without Gate Pegs

That Extra Touch

A little extra effort can make all the difference between "home made" and "hand made"

I-Cord Bind off and Cast on

Partial Bind Off

Picot Bind Off

Ribber Skills you need

2x2 Ribbing Edge Bind Off

Easy Ribber Bind Off

Double Bed Bind Off

Explore Cast on Methods

It's up to you!
As with all things machine knitting, there are many, many ways of casting on your knitting.

When we first start knitting we are anxious to get stitches on the machine and get knitting. But we soon find that there may be better methods to cast on.

Please don't get stuck in a rut and use the same cast on over and over. Take time to LEARN and PRACTICE different methods. Some are fast (but not good for the hem of a sweater). Others are a more time consuming (but beautiful). Some are stretchy enough for socks, others not so much.

On your machine knitting journey, it's up to you to discover the perfect cast on for your specific project.

5 day Cast On | Bind Off | Hem Challenge

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5 days | 19 Exercises

Let's get down to the basics. No matter what grand plans you have for your knitting, getting started and ending are key. But what methods are best?

Don't get in a rut! Learn (and practice) a number of cast on, bind off and hem techniques. Determine which you prefer and which ones are suitable for different applications.