Spacing Buttonholes
Band Tips and Tricks
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Buttonhole Basics

Knitters often get overwhelmed with the thought of adding buttonholes to their knits. Although there are many tricks for professional buttonholes, remember they are just holes. We want to neatly secure stitches to allow the button to pass through.

Following are some of the many techniques that can be used to create perfect (and functional) buttonholes.

Basic Buttonholes

Jodi's Buttonholes

In-the-ditch Buttonholes

Vertical Buttonholes

Buttonhole Options

I-Cord Button Loops

When finishing the edges of a sweater with I-Cord, consider making loops as you join the I-Cord. Use these loops as button closures.a

Crochet Loops

Using the same idea as the I-Cord Button Loops above, use Crochet to create button loops.
In this example I'm working single crochet along the edge of the knitting, adding chains to form button loops at the same time.

No Math Trick

Here's a "no math" way to position buttonholes on a horizontal band. When you pick up and knit a band, quickly determine where to work your buttonholes with minimal fuss.

Knit it Now Buttonhole Tool

Button Hole Placements

Button Hole Placements

No more guessing - just enter how many buttons, the size of the buttons, height of the area, and the starting and end location offset and Knit It Now will give you instructions for the perfect placement of your buttonholes.

Band Perfection

Band with Contrast Piping

Button Band Finishes

Calculating Bands

Vertical Bands

Reversible Band

Kitchener Stitch on the Machine - Knit Side

Kitchener Stitch on the Machine - Purl Side

Bind off Basics

Think of these slashes as large buttonholes and adapt this technique for your button holes.