Why should hand knitters have all the fun?

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Mid-gauge or bulky machine
22 sts and 23 rnds = 4" in charted pattern

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Knit this beautiful, colorful cowl on your machine
Discover fabulous colorwork with this beautiful jewel-tone gradient cowl.

This exclusive kit is a reinvented popular pattern now made in worsted-weight yarn for faster results!

Although the HK pattern is knit in the round, you can knit the cowl flat and neatly add a seam.

Patterning machine (punchard or electronic):
Copy the designer's stitch pattern or choose one of your own!

Non-patterning machine: (LK-150 or other)
Knitting this on a non-patterning machine would be tedious, but not impossible. Choose a more symmetric stitch pattern to make manually selecting needles easier.

Want help in knitting this on the machine? Want to create your own cowl?

Knit the Kit or Do-it-yourself - SKILLS YOU NEED

Although the pattern in the kit is knit in the round, machine knitters can knit this flat.
The cowl is basically a long rectangle.
The beauty is in the yarn, colorways and stitch pattern.

If you can knit in Fairisle, YOU CAN KNIT THIS!

    TIPS : Whether you knit from the kit or design your own:

  • Swatching is not optional
  • For easier seaming, maintain the edge stitches in a single color. In other words, don't carry the stitch pattern (and color changes) all the way to the edge stitches
  • Cast on with waste yarn and ravel cord (scrap on) and Scrap off
  • If you seam the long edges first on the machine, use Kitchener stitch by hand to seam the short cast on and bind off edges
  • If you seam the short cast on and bind off edges first (try Kitchener on the machine), you'll need to mattress stitch the long edge by hand

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The pattern - Design your own Perfect Fitâ„¢ Cowl!

RP Cowl
  • No math! Use any Yarn, Machine or stitch pattern
  • Yarn calculator included
  • Perfect Fitâ„¢ - make it YOUR size

RP Cowl

Free Pattern
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With the purchase of this pattern you will be able to generate this pattern 3 times in your own specified yarn gauges.
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Tools and Ideas to Design your own Cowl

Yarn Estimator

Yarn Estimator

Determine if you have enough yarn to finish your project. A swatch, a scale and a few measurements and you'll never worry about running out of yarn!

Rectangle / Square

Rectangle / Square

Enter your stitch/row gauge and your dimensions to create simple scarves, shawls and blankets.
Rectangle / Square Tool
  1. Choose your yarn and stitch pattern

  2. Knit a Swatch

  3. Use the Yarn Estimator Tool to see if you have enough yarn

  4. Create your pattern with the Rectangle/Square tool

  5. Get Knitting!


Alternate Stitch Pattern Suggestions

The sky's the limit! Choose a tuck, slip or fairisle pattern and make it your own!

Fair Isle

DAK Stitch Pattern

Knitweave with Pick Up

DAK File
Stitch Painter
Punchard & Diagram

Multi Color Slip

KIN 806 Multi Slip
DAK File
Stitch Painter File

Fair Isle

KIN 063
DAK File
Stitch Painter File

More Scarf/Cowl Inspiration

Swirl Shawl Complete Course

100% Reversible (ribber) course

Magic Racked Scarf (ribber) course

Kajam Alpaca Neck Warmer Pattern

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