Take 1 pattern and make it 4 ways. Let's talk about my recent journey to knit the "perfect" summer top ... boo-boo's and all!

A pet peeve:
I hate when someone shares something they made and say "I knit this ... but look where I messed up"
(arghhh!!!!). I hope you don't do that!

BUT .. I'm going to share where I struggled with the hope that you will avoid my mistakes.

Here's what's planned for the LIVE
  • Planning your project
  • Change the neckline
  • Add bust darts
  • Play with yarns and stitch patterns
  • Combine hand and machine knitting
  • Sleeves (or not)
  • Hem options
  • Finishing techniques
  • Cut 'n Sew
  • Avoid my boo-boo's
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