Here is a compendium of clever and creative techniques for solving common hand knitting, machine knitting and crocheting problems. With hundreds of tips on everything from choosing yarn to assembling a garment and organizing needles to the perfect increase, knitters and crocheters will find many solutions to every problem. Selected from Threads magazine's popular Tips column, these useful hints will make knitting fun to do and easier to master.

You'll learn to:

  • cast on perfectly
  • machine knit a tuck
  • make an easy bobble
  • manage yarn in multi-colored knitting
  • correct an uneven crochet edge
  • follow an intricate pattern
  • soften an itchy sweater
  • reinforce a shoulder seam
  • knit a perfect buttonhole

Knitting Tips & Trade Secrets: Clever Solutions for Better Hand Knitting, Machine Knitting, and Crocheting  by Amazon