by Knit it Now

This is a metal, flat bed machine, with 200 needles, and optional electronics.

Looking for a machine to knit finer yarn? Knit lace weight, light fingering weight, fingering weight and sport weight yarns.

Key Features:

  • 4.5mm Needle Gauge
  • 200 Needle Metal Bed
  • Electronic capability
  • Includes the Silver Reed Curl Cord
  • Single Bed Knitting Machine
  • Made in China
  • US Delivery only
Required to create stitch patterns and garment shaping instructions:
Expand the possibilities with the LC580 Lace Carriage
Expand even further with the SRP60N ribber attachment. Knit ribbing, double knit fabric and knit and purl stitch patterns quickly and easily.

Silver Reed SK840 Standard Gauge Machine by Knitcraft