by Marcia Steward
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Combine Double Bed Jacquard and Stockinette for the color, texture and drape of this unusual skirt with self-folding pleats.

The pleat face is double jacquard. When the pleats are closed, the stitch design repeats in all directions across the pleats.

The book text uses detailed diagrams and photos to help you understand how the skirt is designed and sized. It is written as a design book rather than a pattern book. Detailed instructions are included for using the concept to design your own skirt.

The model skirt pattern is included as a stitch print out.

Written for Japanese machines with ribbers, the concept for the self-folding knife pleats can be used on a Passap machine also. You will have to figure out your own needle set up. The knitting level is advanced Beginner.

NOTE: Marcia used a Jaggerspun 2/27 wool. This yarn is no longer available.
Their SuperLamb 2/24 would be a similar weight. Included in the book is a discussion of yarn substitution.
32 pages
The concept of knife pleats created this way can be used for swing jackets and coats ... get creative with this technique!

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